MSA Safety unveils FL5000 flame detector at NFPA Conference in Orlando

June 18, 2024

MSA Safety introduces FL5000 flame detector

MSA Safety, Inc. unveiled its latest safety innovation, the FL5000 Multi-Spectrum Flame Detector, at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, this week.

The event, attended by thousands of professionals, showcased the latest advancements in safety technology.

The FL5000 is part of MSA Safety’s extensive portfolio of gas and flame detection solutions.

The FL5000 is the first optical flame detector in the industry to feature Bluetooth connectivity.

This technology enables users to wirelessly link to the detector for configuration, perform diagnostic tests, and access event logs quickly.

It integrates seamlessly with plant processes and safety systems to enhance facility safety operations.

Key features of the FL5000 flame detector

The FL5000 boasts multiple infrared detectors and an advanced flame detection algorithm that uses three artificial neural networks to process signals and identify potential hazards.

This technology helps distinguish between real flames and common false alarm sources such as lightning and sunlight reflections, minimizing unnecessary shutdowns.

The flame detector is Factor Mutual (FM) performance verified for 22 common fuel types used in the petrochemical and process industries.

It can detect fires up to 310 feet away and features a built-in self-check system that performs optical and electrical checks every two minutes to ensure operational integrity.

Other products showcased by MSA Safety

In addition to the FL5000, MSA Safety displayed other gas and flame detection solutions, including the FL500 Ultraviolet/Infrared Flame Detector, the FL500-H2 UV/IR Flame Detector for hydrogen applications, the ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor, and the HazardWatch FX-12 Fire and Gas Detection System.

These products aim to enhance the safety of workers and facilities by providing reliable detection of hazardous gases and flames.

Expo attendees had the opportunity to engage with MSA Safety experts and learn about these products’ unique features and applications.

The company also hosted sessions on hydrogen hazard detection and the latest flame detection technology, offering valuable insights into maintaining safe working environments.

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