MSA Safety publishes their 2022 Impact Report highlighting efforts in sustainability and safety

October 10, 2023

MSA Safety showcases its commitment to a sustainable future

MSA Safety, Inc., a global pioneer in the creation and production of safety solutions for worker and facility protection, has released its 2022 Impact Report on the company’s website.

This report can be accessed here. Previously recognized as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, this document underscores MSA’s distinct mission of worker safety and its positive societal influence.

MSA’s focus on both business and societal impact

Nish Vartanian, MSA Safety Chairman and CEO, said: “At MSA Safety, our mission is integrated deeply into our business strategy and that creates a powerful catalyst for driving business growth and societal impact.

“This focus accelerates our momentum, generates greater benefits for our stakeholders and reinforces our commitment to delivering advanced products and solutions that help protect people and make workplaces safer across the global safety ecosystem”

Key takeaways from the 2022 Impact Report

Highlighted areas of the report encompass:

  • MSA’s new goal to decrease market-based Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2030, based on a 2021 benchmark.
  • Data on employee engagement, showing MSA’s 5,000 global associates’ strong association with the company’s vision.
  • MSA’s performance metrics regarding employee safety, product vitality, and diversity. This includes 30% board diversity and 36% diversity within executive leadership.
  • MSA Safety products, technologies, and solutions that elevate workplace safety and sustainability, like the MSA Bacharach MGS-401 Entrance Monitor, a tool for detecting refrigerant leaks to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in facilities.

Stephanie Sciullo, President of MSA’s Americas business segment, added: “I am both proud and excited about the progress – and impact – the entire MSA team is making today when it comes living our mission; most notably our focus on developing solutions that enable workers to return home to their families at the end of the day.

“We continue to build an internal infrastructure that allows us to execute our mission, frame milestones and make investments in our operations that benefit our key stakeholders, including the communities in which we live and work.

“As we look ahead, we will continue to make strategic investments that have a positive impact on our world and help us achieve our future aspirations.”

For those interested in delving deeper into the MSA Safety 2022 Impact Report or understanding more about MSA’s devotion to CSR, the report is available for download here.

FSJA Comment

MSA Safety’s latest report offers a comprehensive look at the company’s dedication to sustainable progress and worker safety.

The commitment shown by MSA Safety, from carbon reduction goals to product innovations like the Bacharach MGS-401, signifies a promising direction for the safety industry.

Their emphasis on employee engagement, diversity, and comprehensive safety solutions also suggests an evolved approach that prioritizes both business growth and societal good.

We anticipate seeing how these initiatives unfold in the coming years and the positive ripple effect it may have on the industry at large.

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