MSA Safety introduces the new Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet with innovative features

April 2, 2024

MSA Safety unveils the latest in firefighter head protection

MSA Safety has officially launched the MSA Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet, marking a significant advancement in firefighting equipment.

This new helmet, introduced to the North American fire service market, is celebrated for being one of the lightest traditional-style helmets that meets the rigorous standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The Cairns 1836 distinguishes itself with a reduced ride height, enhancing the comfort, fit, and balance for firefighters.

Its innovative design includes a patent-pending slide-lock system that allows for easy disassembly without the need for special tools, facilitating quicker and more efficient maintenance.

The helmet is designed to fit 95 percent of firefighters, based on head size data from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

A focus on comfort, safety, and efficiency

Stephanie Sciullo, President of MSA Americas, expressed pride in the new helmet: “We’re proud to bring to North America the Cairns 1836 helmet, which is one of the lightest weight traditional-style choices firefighters can make on the market today.

“The Cairns 1836 was developed with feedback from firefighters top of mind – decreased weight, increased comfort, ease of maintenance and attention to fit.

“We are excited to add this to MSA’s product portfolio that provides head to toe protection for firefighters.”

Furthermore, the Cairns 1836 is equipped with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, enhancing the ability to track and manage helmet inventories through MSA FireGrid™ Inventory Management software.

The helmet includes new eye protection options such as an articulating integrated Defender® Visor, NFPA Bourkes, a 4-inch faceshield, and ESS goggles, among other features aimed at improving firefighter safety and simplifying inventory management.

Partnership with NVFC to award personalized helmets

To further support the safety and readiness of volunteer firefighters, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has collaborated with MSA Safety to offer four NVFC members a personalized MSA Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet in 2024.

This partnership underscores the commitment to enhancing the safety and effectiveness of firefighters across the United States.

NVFC members are given four opportunities to win a Cairns 1836 helmet throughout the year, with one recipient selected after each entry period.

This initiative is open to active U.S. volunteer firefighters who are members of the NVFC, with the first entry period closing on April 30.

Interested participants can learn more and enter the giveaway at www.nvfc.org/helmet.

FSJA Comment

The launch of the MSA Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet represents a noteworthy development in the ongoing effort to improve firefighter safety and efficiency.

By incorporating feedback directly from those on the front lines, MSA Safety has developed a helmet that addresses key concerns such as weight, comfort, and ease of maintenance.

The addition of RFID technology further reflects the modernization of equipment management, promising to streamline processes for fire departments.

The collaboration with the NVFC to award personalized helmets is a commendable effort to recognize and support the invaluable role of volunteer firefighters.

As the fire service industry continues to evolve, innovations like the Cairns 1836 are vital in ensuring the safety and readiness of firefighters who risk their lives to protect communities.

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