MSA and NVFC launch fire helmet and gear giveaways to support volunteer firefighters

April 26, 2024

MSA Safety collaborates with National Volunteer Fire Council on protective equipment giveaways

MSA Safety has partnered with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) to distribute the Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet to volunteer firefighters who are members of the NVFC.

This initiative aims to enhance the safety and effectiveness of first responders by providing them with state-of-the-art protective gear.

The giveaway will allow eligible NVFC members to receive a personalized helmet during various entry periods throughout the year.

The Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet is celebrated for its traditional yet innovative design, tailored to meet modern firefighting demands.

It boasts a lightweight structure and low profile, ensuring comfort and ease of movement for firefighters.

The helmet is designed for rapid assembly and disassembly, promoting ease of cleaning, and features RFID technology for efficient asset management.

“Our goal is to support the safety and efficiency of volunteer firefighters with advanced, reliable protective gear,” said an MSA Safety representative.

Eligibility and participation details

To qualify for the helmet giveaway, participants must be active volunteer firefighters in the U.S. and members of the NVFC.

Interested individuals can learn about membership benefits and join through the NVFC website.

The giveaway rules stipulate that each member is entitled to one entry per period, with previous winners excluded from reentry.

MSA and DuPont’s ongoing commitment to firefighter safety

In a related effort, MSA Safety, DuPont Personal Protection, and the NVFC have been running the Globe Gear Giveaway program since 2012.

This program provides essential turnout gear and helmets to volunteer fire departments across the U.S. and Canada.

In 2024, the program will donate 52 sets of turnout gear and 52 helmets to selected departments.

Eligibility for the Globe Gear Giveaway requires departments to be predominantly volunteer, serve a population of 25,000 or fewer, and demonstrate a need for the gear.

The application period for this year’s program will close on June 1, 2024, with winners announced progressively from July to December.

“Through the Globe Gear Giveaway, we aim to equip volunteer fire departments with the necessary gear to ensure their safety and readiness,” stated a spokesperson from DuPont.

“Our commitment extends to helping departments that struggle with outdated or insufficient equipment.”

FSJA comment

The collaborative efforts of MSA Safety, DuPont, and the NVFC highlight the ongoing need for updated and effective protective gear in the volunteer firefighting community.

The emphasis on regular updates and the inclusion of advanced technology in firefighting gear reflect an understanding of the critical nature of firefighter safety and the evolving challenges they face.

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