Mission Fire hires FireSmart coordinator to enhance community safety

May 20, 2024

FireSmart coordinator appointed for 2024

As reported by Fraser Valley Today, Mission Fire Rescue Services has appointed Maisyn as the FireSmart B.C. coordinator for 2024.

This role is crucial as wildfires continue to impact British Columbia in successive fire seasons.

FireSmart principles have proven effective in mitigating risks to life and property during extreme wildfire conditions.

The full-time coordinator position is funded by a grant from the Community Resiliency Investment FireSmart Community Funding and Supports.

Maisyn will provide FireSmart education and free home assessments to residents in the City of Mission.

Her responsibilities include organizing public workshops, attending community events, and delivering social media messaging.

FireSmart initiatives and community engagement

Maisyn will be instrumental in organizing, planning, and hosting public workshops, forums, and demonstrations.

These events aim to educate residents on FireSmart principles and practices, helping them better prepare their homes and properties against wildfire threats.

Additionally, Maisyn will participate in events hosted by other organizations, including life safety events organized by Mission Fire Rescue Services and seasonal city or neighborhood gatherings.

She will also conduct direct engagement with residents through door-knocking campaigns, ensuring comprehensive outreach and education.

Funding and support for FireSmart programs

The coordinator position is made possible through a grant from the Community Resiliency Investment FireSmart Community Funding and Supports.

This funding enables the City of Mission to implement extensive FireSmart programs and initiatives, enhancing the overall safety and preparedness of the community.

Maisyn’s role will also include developing and delivering social media messages, providing a digital platform for FireSmart education.

This approach ensures that the community receives timely and relevant information about fire safety practices.

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