Mini Bomberos course reaches rural areas of Quito

July 10, 2024

Mini Bomberos program kicks off in rural areas

As reported by Bomberos Quito, the third edition of the “Mini Bomberos” course began on July 3.

The program, targeting children aged eight to 12 from rural parishes in Quito, is held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 09:00 to 13:00.

This year’s schedule includes sessions in Pifo, Lloa, Conocoto, and Perucho.

The course has been well received, with spots filling up quickly in each area.

Activities include learning about firefighting, environmental care, forest fire prevention, household risks, and basic first aid.

Outdoor activities such as excursions to Chaquiñanes and metropolitan parks are also part of the program.

Objectives and activities

The program aims to instill a love for life and a vocation for firefighting at a young age.

Esthefano Ángel, a Metropolitan Firefighter, emphasized the importance of the course: “During this great vacation course organized with much love by Bomberos Quito, we want to promote care for the environment, the protection of its surroundings and also the prevention of forest fires.”

The initiative focuses on creating community awareness through educational and cultural strategies.

Children will engage in various activities designed to educate them on firefighting and safety practices while also enjoying recreational outings.

Community engagement and response

The course has been eagerly anticipated in the rural parishes, with rapid enrollment indicating strong community support.

Parents and children alike are enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in the Mini Bomberos program, which not only provides valuable knowledge but also offers enjoyable experiences during the school vacation period.

The program’s structure ensures that children receive a comprehensive understanding of fire safety and environmental protection while being actively engaged in fun and interactive sessions.

This approach helps foster a sense of responsibility and awareness from an early age.

Environmental focus

A significant component of the Mini Bomberos course is its emphasis on environmental care.

Participants will learn about the importance of preserving natural resources and preventing forest fires.

The program’s educational content is designed to instill a sense of duty towards environmental stewardship among the young attendees.

By combining practical knowledge with enjoyable activities, the Mini Bomberos course aims to create a lasting impact on the children, encouraging them to carry forward the lessons learned into their daily lives and communities.

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