Minas Gerais reports decrease in emergency services during Carnival 2024

February 19, 2024

CBMMG highlights reduction in operational services for Carnival 2024

During a press conference at the Palácio da Liberdade on Thursday, Governor Romeu Zema, alongside security force representatives and state secretaries, announced the Carnival 2024 outcomes for Minas Gerais.

Described as the biggest carnival in the state’s history by Zema, this year’s festivities saw record attendance, earning accolades for being one of the safest and most organized carnivals nationwide.

Colonel Erlon Dias do Nascimento Botelho, the general commander of the Military Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais (CBMMG), emphasized the reduction in service calls compared to the previous year, attributing this achievement to effective prevention, resource management, and intelligence efforts by the force.

Botelho also praised the Carnival Battalion’s role in maintaining safety and order during the celebrations, particularly through inspections and strategic aquatic prevention measures.

Carnival safety measures and attendance

“The Fire Department played a crucial role in managing the large gatherings, especially those with over 50,000 participants. This was key to ensuring the carnival remained a safe and liberating experience for everyone,” stated Botelho.

The festival attracted over 12 million attendees statewide, with 6.5 million celebrating in the interior regions and 5.5 million in Belo Horizonte, marking a 9% increase in participation from the previous year.

The CBMMG deployed a significant force, totaling over 6,000 personnel across the state, to handle the increased crowd sizes and maintain safety.

In Belo Horizonte, 586 carnival blocks received approval, leading to extensive coordination efforts, including 561 meetings with organizers to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Health and safety outcomes

The brigade’s comprehensive approach included the inspection of large blocks, the deployment of rescue and medical teams, and special attention to women victims of violence under the “Acolhe Minas” initiative.

Despite the surge in alcohol and drug-related consultations in Belo Horizonte, the state saw a reduction in car accidents and drowning incidents, underscoring the effectiveness of the CBMMG’s prevention measures.

The press release also highlighted the collaborative efforts in the interior of the state, where local fire units engaged in educational campaigns and safety inspections to minimize the risk of accidents and drownings.

These efforts reflect a statewide commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of carnival participants.

FSJA Comment

This year’s Carnival in Minas Gerais sets a benchmark for safety and organization in large-scale public events.

The reduction in emergency services calls, despite record attendance, demonstrates the effectiveness of proactive safety measures and strategic planning.

The CBMMG’s efforts in coordinating with various organizations, the implementation of preventive measures, and the focus on public safety education contributed significantly to this achievement.

Moreover, the detailed preparation and responsive measures in the interior regions exemplify a comprehensive approach to event safety, highlighting the importance of collaboration and intelligence in managing public celebrations.

This success story offers valuable insights for other regions and countries aiming to balance cultural festivities with public safety.

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