Minas Gerais Fire department initiates Operation Green Alert to curb vacant lot fires

May 1, 2024

Operation Green Alert aims to reduce vegetation fires

The Minas Gerais Military Fire Department (CBMMG) has launched its annual “Operation Green Alert” in an effort to address the persistent issue of fires in vacant lots across the region.

This initiative comes in response to a significant portion of fire-related incidents in the area, with more than 45% of vegetation fires occurring in these unoccupied spaces.

In 2023, CBMMG tackled 17,127 incidents of vegetation fires.

Notably, 13,555 of these incidents were reported between April and September, surpassing the historical average for this period.

The peak months of July, August, and September saw an average of 103 fires per day.

Vacant lots were identified as the locations for approximately 45% of these fires.

Collaborative efforts to tackle fire risks

To combat the risks and prevent future occurrences, CBMMG, on the last Tuesday, activated around 40 firefighters from the 7th Battalion in the North of Minas, including military personnel from the administrative sections.

These efforts were part of a task force in collaboration with local city halls and Municipal Protection and Civil Defense Coordinators.

The task force focused on the identification and inspection of 150 lots with high vegetation within several municipalities including Montes Claros, Janaúba, Januária, Salinas, Francisco Sá, and Bocaiuva.

This proactive measure aims to mitigate the risk of fires through community engagement and stricter control of land maintenance.

The critical need for community involvement in fire prevention

CBMMG stresses the importance of community involvement in preventing these incidents.

Vegetation fires not only pose risks to the environment but also threaten substantial damage to local infrastructure, including homes and power grids, and impact the health of vulnerable populations like children and the elderly.

The department urges residents to adhere to local regulations regarding vegetation maintenance and waste disposal without resorting to burning, emphasizing the role of responsible community practices in preventing such disasters.

FSJA Comment

The initiation of Operation Green Alert by the Minas Gerais Military Fire Department represents a critical step towards mitigating the frequent and potentially devastating fires in vacant lots within the region.

By focusing on heightened inspections, community involvement, and public awareness, CBMMG seeks to significantly reduce the occurrences of these fires, which have traditionally peaked during the drier months.

This strategy aims to safeguard the environment and protect local communities from the economic and health-related impacts of uncontrolled fires.

Continuous efforts and community cooperation are essential for the sustainability of these measures and the long-term safety of the region’s inhabitants.

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