Military firefighters in Quixadá rescue trapped puppies

October 4, 2023

Military firefighters spring into action

In Quixadá, Brazil, located on Rua Dalva Holanda, Campo Novo neighborhood, within the State’s Integrated Security Area 20 (AIS 20), military firefighters carried out a heartwarming rescue operation.

On the afternoon of Monday, October 2nd, at approximately 2:23 pm, the BCIF team came to the aid of four puppies trapped between the walls of a residence.

According to Sergeant Gama: “Nearby residents heard the puppies barking and realized they were trapped between two walls.”

He continued, “Firefighters were called into action and the rescue operation started immediately.”

Specialized techniques ensure safe rescue

Using specialized techniques and equipment, the military firefighters managed to access the trapped puppies, ensuring their safe retrieval.

After a brief period of intense focus, all four puppies were successfully rescued to the sound of cheers from the gathered community members.

Adding a heartwarming twist to the story, soldier Freitas, who participated in the rescue operation, adopted two of the four saved puppies.

Significant uptick in animal rescues by CBMCE

Between January and September of this year, the Military Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE) has reported the rescue of 8,842 animals.

This number marks a 13% rise from the same timeframe the previous year, during which the department rescued 7,774 animals.

The owner of the residence where the puppies were found has since been advised to take preventative measures, ensuring such incidents are avoided in the future.

FSJA Comment

The dedication and expertise of our military firefighters, as evidenced in this rescue operation in Quixadá, highlight the critical role they play in communities far and wide.

The increased number of animal rescues by the CBMCE not only shows their commitment to saving lives, but also underscores the importance of ongoing training and the need for specialized equipment.

Soldier Freitas’ decision to adopt two of the rescued puppies is a testament to the deep bond and compassion that can develop in such high-pressure situations.

Prevention is always better than cure, and the advice given to the homeowner serves as a timely reminder for all about the importance of safeguarding our environments against potential hazards.

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