Military Fire Department of Minas Gerais to support women during Carnival 2024

January 31, 2024

Initiative to support women during Carnival 2024

The Government of Minas has announced a novel action for Carnival 2024, titled Integrated Duty Acolhe minas.

This initiative, revealed on Tuesday, January 30, focuses on providing special attention to women in need of support in situations of violence, with a particular emphasis on addressing sexual harassment.

This type of violence is reportedly the most prevalent during the carnival season, as indicated by a survey conducted by the State Secretariat for Social Development (Sedese).

The service is scheduled to operate from February 10 to 13, between 10 am and 7 pm.

It will be hosted at the headquarters of the State Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iepha-MG), notably known as the green building, situated at Praça da Liberdade in Belo Horizonte.

High-level attendance and support at the event

The announcement event was marked by the presence of notable attendees, including the state governor, Romeu Zema, along with various civil and military authorities.

The event also featured a commission of six military personnel from the CBMMG, demonstrating their support for the cause.

A unique aspect of the event was the involvement of the mascot Faísca and the female carnival group “As Charangueiras.” They performed the march “Sou dona de mim,” symbolizing the empowerment central to the initiative.

Military’s commitment to ensuring safety and privacy

The military’s role in this initiative is significant, as explained by Lieutenant Colonel Bruno Barbosa de Menezes.

Representing the general commander of the Military Fire Department of Minas Gerais, he stated: “All military personnel involved in carnival have specific training to identify and welcome possible victims of violence, especially harassment and/or sexual harassment, ensuring service with privacy and respect.”

This statement highlights the thorough preparation and commitment of the military personnel to address and support potential victims of violence during the carnival.

FSJA Comment

The Integrated Duty Acolhe minas initiative represents a proactive approach by the Minas Government to address the issue of violence against women, especially during high-profile events like the carnival.

The collaboration of various authorities and the inclusion of trained military personnel emphasize the seriousness with which the issue is being tackled.

Initiatives like these not only provide immediate assistance to those in need but also contribute to a broader cultural shift towards greater respect and safety for women.

The strategic location at Iepha-MG and the involvement of cultural elements like the march by “As Charangueiras” highlight the blend of awareness, culture, and support, making the initiative more approachable and impactful.

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