Miami-Dade County contracts Woolpert for NG911 routing system support

May 31, 2024

New GIS contract to enhance emergency routing

As reported by Woolpert, Miami-Dade County has contracted Woolpert to provide GIS and consulting services for its new Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) emergency management routing system.

This contract aims to improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of emergency routing information for dispatchers and first responders.

Under the agreement, Woolpert will identify, collect, and digitize missing information, including addresses and routing data for existing, newly constructed, and planned sites.

The project will also cover unique sites like dual carriageways that require special routing considerations.

Hybrid approach to data collection and verification

Woolpert Project Manager Yaneev Golombek explained the methodology: “Woolpert will utilize a series of GIS software and techniques to correct and update routing and address data.

“Where in-office techniques are not 100% reliable, Woolpert will have a field team that will utilize remote GIS apps to verify and update information out in the field.”

This hybrid approach ensures that all data used by emergency management services are accurate and reliable.

By combining in-office processing with fieldwork, Woolpert aims to close the information gap in the system effectively.

Training for future data input

Woolpert Program Director Rick Householder highlighted the importance of the new system: “Miami-Dade County’s No.1 priority is enhancing public safety for its residents, and Woolpert is focused on providing an emergency routing system that is comprehensive, accurate, and able to help first responders do their job as efficiently as possible.”

Householder added that the contract will ensure that all address and routing data for both residential and commercial properties are enhanced and incorporated into the system quickly and are ready for immediate use.

Woolpert will also provide training to facilitate the smooth input of future data, ensuring new roads and addresses are available for emergency vehicle routing as soon as they are open for traffic or occupied.

Benefits for Miami-Dade County residents

This new system is expected to greatly benefit the residents of Miami-Dade County by providing dispatchers and first responders with more accurate and comprehensive routing information.

The improved system will help ensure quicker response times and more efficient emergency services across the county.

Woolpert’s involvement in this project underscores the importance of accurate and reliable GIS data in emergency management and public safety.

By leveraging advanced GIS techniques and field verification, Woolpert aims to deliver a robust NG911 system that meets the needs of Miami-Dade County’s emergency services.

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