Mesa introduces Arizona’s first all-electric North American style fire truck

January 5, 2024

Mesa, Arizona, has officially launched its first all-electric North American style fire truck, a significant move in the city’s commitment to health, safety, and environmental sustainability.

This pioneering initiative was unveiled on January 4, 2024, marking a notable advancement in firefighting technology and public service.

Mesa’s step towards sustainability and efficiency

The new fire truck, situated at Fire Station 221 in southeast Mesa, is manufactured by E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc.

It represents a strategic effort by the Mesa Fire and Medical Department to reduce toxin exposure for firefighters and align with the City of Mesa’s Climate Action Plan.

The plan aims for carbon neutrality by 2050, and the electric fire truck is a key component in reducing the department’s carbon footprint​​.

Mayor John Giles, an advocate for electric vehicles, highlighted the efficiency of this technology, noting that transitioning city vehicles from gas-powered to electric is a critical step towards achieving the city’s Climate Action Plan goals.

He anticipates this initiative to be a case study in potential cost-savings and efficiency of electric vehicles in city operations, emphasizing Mesa’s dedication to public safety and innovation​​.

Performance and innovation

The electric fire truck stands out for its sustainability and performance.

It boasts low to no carbon emissions, reduced noise pollution, and life-long batteries.

Impressively, it can pump four hose lines at 750 gallons per minute for four hours on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted emergency response when necessary​​.

District 6 Councilmember Scott Somers reflected on the historical significance of the location served by the new truck, once the site of the GM Proving Grounds where concept vehicles were tested.

He noted that this innovation aligns perfectly with the innovative spirit of Eastmark and Southeast Mesa​​.

Advanced safety and health measures

Fire Station 221, housing the electric truck, is equipped with a charger that can fully recharge the truck in about 3.5 hours.

The station, opened in 2021, was designed with advanced safety measures to protect firefighters’ health, including systems to prevent contamination and exposure to toxins​​.

Fire Chief Mary Cameli expressed pride in the department’s forward-thinking approach to improving personnel health and safety.

She emphasized that embracing innovation and technology, as demonstrated by the introduction of the electric fire truck, is a hallmark of Mesa’s commitment to public safety​​.

Partnership and funding

REV Fire Group President Mike Virnig conveyed his company’s delight at the partnership with the City of Mesa and Mesa Fire and Medical, supporting the city’s environmental goals.

The funding for the electric fire truck was sourced from 2018 bonds approved by voters and the City’s General Fund​​​​.

FSJA Comment

Mesa’s introduction of the first all-electric North American style fire truck is more than a mere technological advancement; it is a testament to the city’s proactive approach towards environmental sustainability, health, and safety.

By incorporating such cutting-edge technology into their operations, Mesa not only sets a new standard for firefighting but also demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of its firefighters and the community at large.

This initiative serves as a model for other cities, showcasing how innovation and sustainability can work hand in hand to create a safer and more environmentally friendly public service.

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