Maui United Way provides $7 million in assistance to fire survivors in collaboration with Tremendous

October 20, 2023

Maui United Way, in a significant move, has joined forces with payout platform Tremendous to provide financial aid to those affected by the recent fires on the island

Maui United Way: Quick action to support fire survivors

Maui United Way, which has been serving the community for over 75 years, swiftly launched the Emergency Financial Assistance program after devastating fires impacted thousands in the Maui area.

The program received over 9,000 applications and managed to distribute $1,000 payments to more than 7,000 fire survivors, accumulating to a total of $7 million.

Key collaborations ensure efficient aid distribution

Nicholas Winfrey, President of Maui United Way, stated: “This is the largest undertaking we have ever tackled in our 75-year history on Maui.”

Generous donations came in from both the local Maui community and global contributors, highlighting the immense global support for the Maui fire survivors.

Aloha United Way, based in Honolulu, teamed up with Maui United Way to optimize the application review process, minimizing potential waste and fraud.

Their 211 Resource Helpline was instrumental, assisting over 2,400 survivors in multiple languages.

Jennifer Pecher, from Aloha United Way, commented: “Our dedication to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Maui United Way and supporting our cherished island community remains unwavering.”

Using technology to ensure fair fund distribution

The collaboration with NASA Harvest provided a unique advantage.

They employed advanced satellite mapping techniques to ensure only valid residents within the fire zones received funds.

Tremendous, well-known for their secure payout services, played a crucial role in this effort.

Nick Baum, CEO of Tremendous, emphasized the importance of providing flexible financial aid and said: “Thousands of impacted people in West Maui can easily buy what they need most.”

Further proving their commitment, Tremendous waived their processing fees, allowing even more survivors to receive assistance.

Continuous efforts to provide relief

Beyond individual financial aid, Maui United Way has greenlit 20 grants aimed at providing additional services, such as transportation, medical care, and crisis counseling to those affected.

They have also initiated the second round of grants, focusing on areas like mental health and job training.

Winfrey added: “Maui United Way is here for the long haul.”

FSJA Comment

The prompt and efficient response from organizations like Maui United Way, in collaboration with partners such as Tremendous and NASA Harvest, showcases the power of community and technology coming together during trying times.

With thousands displaced and affected by the Maui fires, timely financial assistance and support services are crucial.

The combined efforts of these entities not only provide immediate relief but also signify a sustained commitment to rebuilding and supporting the affected communities in their long journey to recovery.

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