Los Angeles Fire Department outlines nine steps of flood recovery

January 12, 2024

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) recently published a blog titled “Nine steps of flood recovery,” offering comprehensive guidance for residents dealing with the aftermath of flood damage.

The article, dated December 22, 2023, provides detailed advice covering various aspects of flood recovery.

Understanding the recovery process

The blog begins by emphasizing the importance of personal safety and wellbeing.

It states: “Play it safe. The dangers are not over when the water recedes.

“Your home’s foundation, walls or ceilings may have weakened, the electrical system may have suffered damage – or floodwaters may have left behind things that can make you sick.”

Key steps for effective recovery

The first step highlighted by the LAFD is to ‘Take Care of Yourself First,’ emphasizing the need for immediate medical attention in case of illness or injury and the importance of protecting oneself from stress and flood-specific hazards.

The second step, ‘Give Your Home First Aid,’ advises returning home only when authorities have declared it safe and stresses the importance of personal safety while inspecting the home for damages.

The third step, ‘Get Organized,’ focuses on documenting losses and expenses, while the fourth, ‘Dry Out Your Home,’ deals with the challenges of water damage and the prevention of mold growth.

The fifth step, ‘Restore the Utilities,’ suggests that utilities should be restored only by certified utility workers.

The blog further advises on ‘Cleaning Up’ the home, including disposing of contaminated food and thoroughly disinfecting the area.

In the ‘Check on Financial Assistance’ step, it points to various resources available for recovery, including national, state, regional agencies, and government programs.

‘Rebuild and Flood Proof,’ the eighth step, advises on making improvements to protect the building from future floods and cautions against rushing into settlements or contracts.

Finally, ‘Prepare for the Next Flood’ encourages residents to take proactive measures like obtaining flood insurance and creating a family response plan.

FSJA Comment

The LAFD’s comprehensive guide on flood recovery is a vital resource for residents facing the daunting task of rebuilding after a flood.

It offers practical, step-by-step advice that emphasizes safety, organization, and cautious rebuilding.

This guide not only assists in immediate recovery but also in preparing for future flood events, highlighting the importance of readiness and preventive measures.

Such resources play a crucial role in community resilience and individual preparedness in the face of natural disasters.

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