Los Angeles County Fire Department celebrates the success of Heart Heroes Campaign and introduces new initiative

April 8, 2024
LAFD Los Angeles Fire Department

Los Angeles County Fire Department marks significant milestone in public health and safety training

On Monday, April 1, 2024, a joint press conference was held by the County of Los Angeles Fire Department (LACoFD) and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) to announce the completion of the 2023 Heart Heroes Campaign.

The event also served as the platform for launching the new Community Readiness Champions Initiative.

The Heart Heroes Campaign, focusing on Hands-Only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, saw over 500,000 residents and workers across Los Angeles County being trained in essential life-saving techniques.

This significant outreach effort emphasized the importance of community preparedness in emergencies, particularly in instances where immediate medical help is not readily available.

The campaign demonstrated a strong partnership among various stakeholders aiming to enhance survival rates in cardiac arrest scenarios.

Community engagement and preparedness at the core of the initiative

Fire Chief Anthony C. Marrone of the LACoFD expressed gratitude towards DPH Director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, and all community partners for their involvement in the Heart Heroes Campaign.

“We are here to serve and do everything we can when people need us the most,” Chief Marrone stated.

He highlighted the critical nature of Hands-Only CPR training in building a community capable of responding to emergencies effectively.

The conclusion of the Heart Heroes Campaign paves the way for the Community Readiness Champions Initiative, a comprehensive program aimed at further educating the public in various emergency response techniques.

This initiative encompasses Hands-Only CPR/AED awareness, STOP THE BLEED®, Mental Health First Aid, and Naloxone training.

Its goal is to prepare individuals for emergencies or disasters where there might be delays in emergency services’ response.

Future directions for LACoFD and DPH partnership

As the Community Readiness Champions Initiative begins, LACoFD said it is excited to continue its productive collaboration with DPH and other partners.

This partnership focuses on expanding educational opportunities, life-saving skills, and resources for the communities within the County.

FSJA Comment

The collaboration between the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the Department of Public Health marks a significant step forward in community health and safety preparedness.

The successful completion of the Heart Heroes Campaign and the launch of the Community Readiness Champions Initiative are indicative of a proactive approach to public health education and emergency preparedness.

As these programs evolve, their impact on emergency response and community health outcomes will likely serve as a model for similar initiatives nationwide, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in public safety and health education.

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