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April 3, 2024

Jonathan Gordon, Marketing Manager – Fire & Rescue at Nightstick, talks pushing the boundaries of portable lighting in the fire industry

Can you introduce Nightstick and the philosophy behind your specialized portable LED lighting solutions for fire industry?

40 years ago, Nightstick firmly planted its roots in Texas.

Since then, our journey has led us to become the guiding light for individuals braving perilous conditions.

We’ve carefully crafted our suite of lighting solutions with a singular focus: to serve as a reliable partner to those who confront unpredictable environments.

As a testament, Nightstick today features 50+ intrinsically safe products, the most by any portable lighting brand globally.

Our tagline accurately fully embodies what we prioritize and believe here at Nightstick: LIFE DEPENDS ON LIGHT™.

Can you explain the functionality of the dual LEDs and how they serve different needs in emergency situations?

When it comes to the unpredictable nature of firefighting and first response, Nightstick’s Dual-Light innovation is a game-changer.

It pairs a tightly focused LED for long-distance illumination with a softer, widespread floodlight LED for immediate area lighting.

This duality caters to the varying needs of emergency scenarios, where a clear view of distant threats must be balanced with the need for close-up operational visibility.

It’s this versatility that arms first responders with enhanced situational awareness, allowing them to swiftly alternate between overarching scene lighting and the intricate details of immediate task work in a single product.

The Dual-Light function is emblematic of Nightstick’s dedication to multifunctional and adaptive lighting solutions, vital in conditions faced by firefighters and emergency personnel.

What inspired Nightstick to develop Dual-Light technology?

The inception of Dual-Light technology was a response to a genuine need in the market.

Nightstick’s ethos is deeply rooted in innovation and active listening to the voices of our users.

Our inaugural Dual-Light, an Intrinsically Safe handheld flashlight, was a trailblazer and remains just as revolutionary today.

We recognized an opportunity to simplify the lives of our users, to offer a singular, comprehensive solution where there was a gap.

This simplicity, coupled with elegance in design, has propelled the expansion of Dual-Light technology into a diverse range of fire safety products, including handhelds, angle lights, lanterns, and helmet lighting, solidifying our commitment to practical, user-focused innovation.

With the launch of the new Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light angle light, SAVIOR™, could you outline its technical advancements?

Nightstick’s SAVIOR™ builds upon the revolutionary design initiated by its predecessor, INTRANT®.

The SAVIOR™ features a fixed head design, incorporating an independent spotlight and floodlight functionality.

This technical advancement ensures unobstructed visibility, with the floodlight LED strategically positioned to avoid interference from a bunker jacket’s flashlight securing strap.

Delivering a supercharged, intense candela beam with increased lumens, complemented by a powerful floodlight for expansive illuminatio , the Nightstick SAVIOR™ is crafted for precision-focused tasks with simultaneous sweeping light coverage.

Users benefit from the clear, uncompromised 45° downward soft illumination, enhancing visibility directly in front of them while infusing additional confidence.

Nightstick’s design breakthrough underlines our continuous pledge to offer lighting solutions that prioritize functionality and the user experience.

How does directional lighting enhance safety and efficiency for firefighters and rescue teams during operations?

Directional lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing both safety and efficiency for firefighters and rescue teams during operations.

Traditionally, teams have relied on single-focus, hot-spot lighting, which projects a narrow beam over long distances.

However, this approach has significant drawbacks in dynamic environments where situational awareness is key.

The need to constantly adjust the light to scan the environment can hinder awareness of immediate hazards, such as debris or sudden obstacles, posing a risk to safety and slowing down response times.

In response to these challenges, our lighting innovation combines a concentrated beam, adept at identifying distant dangers, with a wide-angle, diffused light that illuminates the immediate vicinity.

The dual approach significantly enhances operational safety by revealing potential hazards right in front of the responders, preventing common accidents like slips, trips, and falls.

By offering a seamless blend of distant and close-range visibility, it eases the mental strain on firefighters and rescue teams, enabling them to conserve cognitive resources for critical decision-making and task execution.

The adaptability of this lighting system to a variety of scenarios—from navigating through dense smoke in a burning building to maneuvering in the dark, rugged terrain during a night-time rescue operation—marks a significant step forward.

It makes sure that regardless of external conditions, teams have a consistent, reliable source of illumination that adapts to their immediate needs.

How has the fire safety industry’s embrace of tradition affected the pace of innovation, particularly in terms of equipment like portable lighting?

It’s no secret the fire industry is deeply steeped in tradition.

Unfortunately, holding onto tradition often means standing still.

While honoring the legacy of our past is important, it’s equally crucial to embrace innovation that enhances safety and ability in the field.

However, the pace of new creation in equipment like LED portable lighting has often been hindered by adherence to traditional norms and budgetary constraints.

In the face of budgetary limitations, safety should never be compromised.

At Nightstick, we believe that producing lighting that’s affordable shouldn’t come at the expense of safety.

That’s why we offer other solutions that break the mold, such as the FORGE™ IS 360º Rotating Helmet Light.

Unlike fixed lights, the FORGE™ allows for dynamic adjustment on the fly, even when wearing gloves.

Other fire safety lights popular over the years limit this rotational ability.

Fixed helmet lighting is not adaptive to the needs of the user and once again, incompatible for the needs of a hero.

How has the industry responded to your innovations, especially the SAVIOR™ angle light?

We like pushing the boundaries with innovations like Dual-Light and user-flexible lighting.

We are not shy from taking on incumbent lighting brands that overprice and underwhelm on performance.

To pivot away from the industry’s status quo, we strategically reposition ourselves in the market, gaining a unique advantage through discoveries and end-user focused solutions.

The industry response to our innovations, especially Nightstick SAVIOR™ angle light, has been overwhelmingly positive.

Departments have applauded the “monster” floodlight of the SAVIOR™ able to maintain orientation, while using the beastly high-candela spotlight of smoke cutting illumination.

The candela spike of the SAVIOR™ not only pierces through smoke with ease but does so with clarity at great distances.

The spotlight certainly pushes the mold, as it also breaks photonic barriers of tinted glass of motor vehicles at an accident scene.

We’ve seen a shift in market trends towards more adaptable and user tailored designs, which echoes our devotion of challenging industry norms and advancing the way forward.

What role do you believe Nightstick plays in pushing the boundaries of innovation in fire safety equipment?

As the innovator of Dual-Light technology and other groundbreaking advances, Nightstick plays a critical role in pushing the boundaries of transformation in fire safety equipment.

Fueled by our expertise in LED technology, we’re committed to serving fire service professionals by engineering solutions that not only boost their operational efficiency but also significantly increase safety during missions.

From pioneering Dual-Light technology to introducing user-friendly and versatile state-of-the-art lighting products, Nightstick has redefined the standards of excellence in the industry.

Our collaborations with leading experts and organizations further reinforce our dedication to initiative and safety.

Nightstick’s role extends beyond product development; we actively engage with firefighters, first responders, and safety professionals to understand their challenges and develop tailored solutions.

This user-centric approach ensures that our equipment not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those who rely on it in life-threatening situations.

Nightstick’s role extends beyond product development; we actively engage with firefighters, first responders, and safety professionals to understand their challenges and develop tailored solutions.

This needs-focused approach ensures that our equipment not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those who rely on it in life-threatening situations.

What future developments can we expect to see from Nightstick in the realm of portable lighting for fire safety?

At this stage, it’s no secret Nightstick operates a bit differently.

Our unwavering oath towards purpose-driven innovation marks our distinction in fire safety.

Expect the unexpected as we continue to lead the way in developing cutting-edge solutions tailored specifically for fire and rescue.

Building on the success of the SAVIOR™ angle light, we’re excited to unveil a range of future developments that will further enhance safety and performance in LED portable lighting.

From advancements in performance and versatility to the seamless integration of advanced technologies, Nightstick is dedicated to delivering gear that meet the evolving needs of firefighters and first responders.

Stay tuned as we push the boundaries of modernization to ensure that every product manufactured makes a meaningful difference in the field of fire and rescue.

When life depends on light, you can depend on Nightstick for unmatched quality, empowering our heroes to carry out assignments with safety and efficiency.

This article was originally published in the April 2024 issue of Fire & Safety Journal Americas. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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