Latin America marks Drowning Prevention Week

December 5, 2023

Latin American countries have come together for Drowning Prevention Week, a campaign aimed at reducing drowning incidents.

The week, celebrated annually in November, saw various activities across Brazil.

The 2nd Independent Company (2ª Cia Ind) played a significant role in these efforts.

Activities in Barbacena

In Barbacena, the firefighters produced videos and podcasts to educate the public on drowning prevention.

Visits to recreational clubs were also made to discuss safety measures with the management, especially as the holiday season approaches and club attendance increases.

Initiatives in São João Del-Rei

São João Del-Rei’s team focused on social clubs and popular swimming spots.

They participated in a radio program to broadcast drowning prevention tips, aiming to instill a culture of life protection.

Efforts in Conselheiro Lafaiete

Firefighters in Conselheiro Lafaiete visited the Carijós Club to advise staff on aquatic safety.

With rising temperatures, the influx of people to clubs and pools necessitates heightened safety awareness.

The Drowning Prevention Week aligns with the strategic objectives of the Minas Gerais Military Fire Brigade (CBMMG), emphasizing prevention, efficient disaster response, and life protection culture.

FSJA Comment

Drowning Prevention Week showcases the collaborative efforts in Latin America to combat a critical public safety issue.

The proactive stance of Brazil, highlighted by the diverse activities of the 2nd Independent Company, reflects a broader commitment to public safety and awareness.

The timing of these initiatives, coinciding with the onset of warmer weather and school holidays, is particularly pertinent.

This campaign not only educates the public but also reinforces the importance of strategic planning and community involvement in preventing tragic incidents.

The efforts in Barbacena, São João Del-Rei, and Conselheiro Lafaiete illustrate a comprehensive approach, combining education, direct community engagement, and media outreach.

About Drowning Prevention Week

Drowning Prevention Week is an annual campaign in Latin America that aims to reduce drowning incidents.

It is managed in Brazil by the Brazilian Society of Aquatic Lifesaving (Sobrasa) and involves various activities to promote water safety awareness.

The initiative is a crucial part of broader efforts to enhance public safety and prevent avoidable deaths in aquatic environments​​.

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