LAFD provides sandbags to homeowners for flood preparation

January 23, 2024

In an effort to assist residents in preparing for potential flooding, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is offering free ready-to-fill sandbags to City of Los Angeles homeowners.

These measures are part of the department’s ongoing commitment to community safety and preparedness, especially during the rainy season.

Sandbags available at local fire stations

The LAFD has made sandbags available at all neighborhood fire stations throughout the city.

Homeowners can pick up to 25 free sandbags per household.

The department has emphasized that while they provide the sandbags, they do not offer services to fill, deliver, install, or remove them.

The spokesperson for LAFD, Brian Humphrey, stated: “While LAFD is pleased to provide sand – and up to 25 free sandbags per household, the Department is not able to fill, deliver, install or remove sandbags.”

Safety guidelines and alternative sources for sand and sandbags

The department also highlights the importance of safety in sandbagging and flood control, recognizing it as a labor-intensive process that can lead to injury.

Homeowners are advised to follow safety guidelines and consider hiring a licensed contractor for any large or special needs.

In addition to the sandbags, free sand is available at select locations, as seasonal conditions warrant.

The LAFD website provides a list of locations where sand is currently available.

For those who require additional sand, sandbags, and supplies, local home improvement stores or building supply centers are recommended as they may offer delivery services for flood preparedness and debris control aids.

FSJA Comment

The Los Angeles Fire Department’s initiative to provide free sandbags to homeowners exemplifies proactive measures taken by public safety agencies to enhance community preparedness for natural disasters.

By making these resources readily available, the LAFD is aiding in immediate flood prevention and encouraging residents to take an active role in protecting their property.

The emphasis on safety guidelines and the suggestion to seek professional help for larger projects reflect a comprehensive approach to disaster preparedness.

This initiative is a valuable reminder of the importance of community engagement in public safety and the critical role of local fire departments in fostering a culture of preparedness.

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