LAFD honors trailblazer d’Lisa Davies during Women’s History Month

March 20, 2024

LAFD recognizes d’Lisa Davies for groundbreaking career

The Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Commission paid tribute to d’Lisa Davies on March 19, 2024, celebrating her as the first Black female firefighter in the department’s history.

This recognition took place during Women’s History Month, acknowledging her 31 years of dedicated service and her significant contributions to enhancing diversity within the fire service.

Davies, originally from Tucson, Arizona, and the eldest of eight children, recently retired from a distinguished career in the LAFD.

Known for her spirited nature and enthusiasm for sports, Davies has been an inspiration for many, coaching various sports throughout her life.

Her service extended beyond her role in the fire department, with notable contributions as an Army veteran, a mother, and a mentor to many within her community.

Pioneering efforts in recruitment and mentoring

Davies spent the initial 22 years of her career in areas of Los Angeles with high incident rates, such as South Los Angeles and Boyle Heights, dedicating herself to serving communities similar to where she grew up.

Recognizing her leadership and dedication, the Fire Chief assigned her to the Recruitment Unit, where she played a pivotal role in increasing the numbers of women and minorities in the LAFD.

Her efforts in the Recruitment Unit led to the development of various programs aimed at supporting prospective firefighters, including mentoring, interview preparation, and targeted recruitment initiatives.

These programs not only supported the recruitment of diverse candidates but also laid the groundwork for future initiatives aimed at enhancing diversity within the fire service.

A legacy of leadership and service

Promoted to Captain in 2009, Davies continued to make her mark, supervising the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Safety’s Legal Liaison Unit and the Environmental Unit.

Her exceptional organizational and leadership skills have been recognized nationally, particularly in her interactions with state and federal agencies.

Even in retirement, Davies remains committed to her mission of recruiting and mentoring women, minorities, and military veterans into the fire service.

Her workshops and mentoring programs continue to influence and inspire those entering the field, reflecting her belief in the power of determination and the importance of standing up for justice.

Davies’s father, a significant influence in her life, instilled in her the belief that she could achieve anything she set her mind to, a principle that has guided her throughout her career.

Her numerous awards and her induction into the Ford Company, Southern California Freedom Sisters Traveling Museum in 2010, are testaments to her impactful career and dedication to service.

FSJA Comment

The LAFD’s recognition of d’Lisa Davies during Women’s History Month not only celebrates her individual achievements but also highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion within the fire service.

Davies’s pioneering career, marked by her leadership in recruitment and mentoring, serves as an inspiration for future generations.

Her contributions have paved the way for more women and minorities to join the fire service, underscoring the value of dedication, leadership, and community service in making a lasting impact.

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