LAFD firefighters stress cold weather safety

January 10, 2024

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is weather residents to adopt cold weather safety measures to prevent injury and protect property.

This advice comes as Southern California experiences colder temperatures.

Stay informed and prepared for winter weather

The LAFD recommends residents register with NotifyLA to receive emergency alerts specific to their area.

They advise developing a cold weather safety plan that includes essential supplies for families and pets.

For winter driving, the department suggests keeping a survival kit in vehicles.

Strategies for surviving the cold

Key strategies include dressing in layers for insulation and improved blood flow, especially when working outdoors.

The LAFD strongly advises against using a gas stovetop or oven for heating homes.

They also emphasize the importance of using generators and grills safely to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and recommend installing carbon monoxide alarms.

Space heaters should be inspected for damage, used away from flammable items, and never left unattended.

Prepare for wet weather and storm damage

The department encourages residents to stay updated with the National Weather Service and local news for weather information and emergency bulletins.

They also provide guidance on reporting storm-related issues, such as potholes and damaged street lights, to the City of Los Angeles.

FSJA Comment

The LAFD’s emphasis on cold weather safety highlights the need for public awareness and preparedness in regions that might not commonly experience severe winter conditions.

Their comprehensive advice covers a range of situations, from personal safety measures to practical tips for dealing with potential weather-related emergencies.

This proactive approach by the LAFD serves as a reminder of the importance of being prepared for various weather conditions, regardless of the typical climate of an area.

Such guidance is crucial for ensuring public safety and minimizing the risk of accidents and property damage during colder months.

About LAFD

The Los Angeles Fire Department is a critical emergency service provider in Los Angeles, offering fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical services, and disaster preparedness to the city’s residents.

They play a vital role in maintaining public safety and responding to emergencies within the community.

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