LAFD firefighters honored for life-saving rescue from rooftop electrocution in 2017

October 4, 2023
LAFD Los Angeles Fire Department

LAFD firefighters in Los Angeles City have been acknowledged for their swift and effective response in saving a man’s life in 2017.

Rescue on the roof: A timeline of events

On October 23, 2017, the Metropolitan Fire Communications dispatch center in Los Angeles received an emergency call.

The call came from a co-worker reporting that a 25-year-old male had been electrocuted.

The man was on the roof, holding metal gutters, which inadvertently touched energized wires, resulting in the shocking incident.

Upon hearing the urgency, the dispatcher rapidly dispatched firefighters and paramedics to the location.

Within a mere five minutes, LAFD crews reached the site. Their prompt response entailed mitigating the electrical danger and initiating life-saving actions to stabilize the individual.

A strategy was developed to rescue the man using the ladder truck’s aerial extension ladder and a rope mechanism, positioned thirty feet above the ground.

The man was safely lowered to ground level, where he was secured onto a gurney and placed into an ambulance.

With fire company members assisting with care, the ambulance swiftly transported the man to the hospital.

Coordination and commitment: LAFD’s hallmark

It’s noteworthy that the entire sequence, from receiving the call to hospital transportation, was executed in under forty minutes.

Such efficiency might have typically taken over an hour without the concerted effort and commitment displayed by the responding LAFD members.

Their actions that day are a testament to the LAFD’s consistent dedication to exceptional public safety.

On October 3, 2023, the Los Angeles Fire Department Board of Fire Commissioners applauded their commendable service.

The recognition ceremony took place at the Board of Fire Commissioners meeting held at Los Angeles’ City Hall East.

Members recognized

From the transporting ambulance:

  • Justin Clayton
  • David Oseguera

From Task Force 37 (ranks as of the response date):

  • John Bantle (Captain II)
  • Brian Russell (Captain I)
  • Michael Romero (Apparatus Operator)
  • Christoper Burton (Engineer)
  • Glen Gomez (Engineer)
  • Erik Bentz (Firefighter)
  • Drew Denton (Firefighter)
  • Aaron Mann (Firefighter/Paramedic)
  • David Narvaez (Firefighter)
  • Ryan Caprio (Firefighter)

FSJA Comment

Recognizing and highlighting such instances reinforces the core values and dedication that firefighters and paramedics bring to their roles daily.

The LAFD’s rapid response and cohesive teamwork ensured that a potential tragedy was averted.

The meticulous coordination and unyielding commitment demonstrated by the team serve as an inspiration and benchmark for fire and rescue operations everywhere.

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