KKR acquires Potter Global Technologies marking a strategic expansion in fire safety and emergency solutions

November 28, 2023

KKR, a prominent global investment firm, has recently announced the acquisition of Potter Global Technologies, a leading name in fire and life safety equipment.

This strategic move signifies KKR’s commitment to support the company’s organic growth and further acquisitions​​.

KKR’s investment strategy

Potter Global Technologies, now under KKR’s portfolio, represents the latest addition to KKR’s Ascendant Strategy.

This strategy focuses on investing in middle-market businesses across North America, forming a crucial part of KKR’s Americas Private Equity platform​​.

The acquisition of Potter aligns with KKR’s objectives to foster growth and expansion in its portfolio companies.

Potter’s legacy and future

With its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, Potter stands as a globally recognized provider of fire safety and emergency communication equipment.

The company’s diverse clientele spans multiple sectors, including education, healthcare, and industrial spaces​​.

As Potter steps into a new phase under KKR’s stewardship, the company’s CEO Gerry Connolly expresses enthusiasm for this partnership and the opportunities it presents for enhanced product innovation and customer service​​.

Employee ownership and engagement

A significant aspect of this acquisition is KKR’s plan to implement an employee ownership program at Potter.

This initiative aims to foster employee engagement, a key driver in building stronger, more successful companies. KKR has a history of creating value through employee ownership, having granted billions in equity value to thousands of non-management employees across its portfolio since 2011​​.

About Potter Global Technologies

Potter Global Technologies, renowned for its life safety and emergency communication solutions, has a storied 125-year history of innovation.

The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including fire suppression systems, alarm and communication systems, and advanced power products.

Its motto, “We Save Lives,” underlines its commitment to enhancing safety in buildings and communities worldwide​​.

About KKR

KKR is a global investment powerhouse, offering a broad spectrum of asset management and capital market solutions.

The firm is known for its patient investment approach and commitment to fostering growth in its portfolio companies and communities. KKR’s investment portfolio is diverse, extending across private equity, credit, real assets, and strategic partnerships managing hedge funds​​.

FSJA Comment

The acquisition of Potter Global Technologies by KKR marks a significant development in the fire safety and emergency solutions sector.

This move highlights the potential growth and innovation in this critical industry and underscores the importance of employee engagement and ownership in fostering corporate success.

As Potter embarks on this new chapter with KKR, the industry can anticipate advancements in safety technology and an expanded global reach, ultimately contributing to enhanced protection and safety for communities and infrastructure worldwide.

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