Kidde launches advanced fire and carbon monoxide safety device in North America

June 10, 2024

Introduction of Kidde Detect for enhanced home safety

Kidde has announced the launch of Kidde Detect, a new advanced technology for fire and carbon monoxide safety.

As reported by Kidde, this launch is accompanied by an advertising campaign titled ‘Help Protect You From You,’ which aims to make fire safety more relatable through a humorous approach.

Kidde Detect boasts over 25% faster and up to three times more precise smoke detection, potentially giving families more time to evacuate safely.

Kidde is part of Carrier Global Corporation, a leader in climate and energy solutions.

Statistics indicate that people have less than two minutes to escape a house fire safely.

Kidde’s new devices aim to maximize these crucial moments by enhancing sensing technology to reduce false alarms often triggered by cooking, thereby preventing consumers from disabling their alarms.

New campaign highlights common causes of home fires

Kidde’s ‘Help Protect You From You’ campaign emphasizes that many home fires are accidentally caused by homeowners.

The campaign seeks to remind viewers of the commonality of mistakes and how Kidde devices act as an extra layer of vigilance for home safety.

Isis Wu, President of Residential Fire & Safety at Carrier, stated: “Kidde has been a pioneer in early smoke detection for over 100 years and Detect is our latest advanced solution designed to give homeowners more power and command over their home safety.

“Over the last few decades, the time to safely escape a house fire went from 17 minutes to less than two. This is why Detect’s faster smoke detection is so critical.

“Also, our new thought-provoking creative aims to make the category more approachable and memorable for consumers, ensuring every home is equipped with life-saving devices.”

Modern design and comprehensive safety solutions

Kidde’s latest innovation includes a design overhaul with various sizes of modern, sleek products, aiming to replace outdated devices.

The new packaging is designed to be contemporary and distinctive, simplifying the shopping experience both in retail stores and online.

Devices such as the 10-Year Battery Powered Smoke Alarm with Voice Alerts are designed for all living spaces and feature twist-and-click mounting brackets for easy installation.

These devices provide comprehensive safety solutions and include a self-testing feature to ensure proper operation.

They also exceed the latest UL standards by meeting 9th edition requirements.

Improved consumer experience and advanced standards

Kidde Detect is designed to offer a superior consumer experience through improved functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The devices’ enhanced precision in smoke detection aligns with Kidde’s goal to offer reliable and user-friendly safety solutions.

The self-testing feature combined with routine manual testing ensures continuous proper functioning, making homes safer.

Kidde’s commitment to exceeding UL 8th edition standards and meeting the 9th edition reflects its dedication to advancing safety technology.

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