Johnson Controls Foundation pledges $1 million to American Red Cross for disaster relief

March 18, 2024

Johnson Controls has declared its commitment to disaster relief through the Johnson Controls Foundation.

The foundation has pledged $1 million over two years to the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP).

This donation is set to fortify the American Red Cross’s capacity to respond to both large and small-scale disasters throughout the United States.

Katie McGinty, president of the Johnson Controls Foundation, and vice president and chief sustainability and external relations officer, highlighted the importance of this initiative: “Helping the Red Cross deliver vital services to communities in need, including those where Johnson Controls employees and our customers live, work, learn and play is of the utmost importance.

“Through the ADGP, the Red Cross can prepare for disasters before they strike.

“We also encourage Johnson Controls employees to get involved with their local Red Cross chapters through volunteer opportunities and by participating in blood drives.”

Impact of ADGP membership on disaster response

ADGP members play a pivotal role in empowering the American Red Cross.

By making financial and in-kind donations ahead of disasters, they enable the Red Cross to maintain a robust infrastructure, train volunteers, and deploy innovative technology and resources.

This readiness is crucial for responding to over 65,000 disasters that occur annually across the country, providing shelter, meals, emotional support, and recovery resources.

The necessity of these donations has become more pressing as the frequency and intensity of large-scale disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires have escalated.

The United States witnessed a record 28 billion-dollar disasters in 2023, doubling the rate of large disasters compared to a decade ago.

Importance of preparation and the role of ADGP in disaster relief

Anne McKeough, chief development officer at the American Red Cross, expressed gratitude for the Johnson Controls Foundation’s contribution: “We count on ADGP members because they understand the importance of being prepared before a disaster strikes so we can respond immediately.

“We’re extremely grateful for the Johnson Controls Foundation’s donation, which will help ensure we can continue to build our capacity and resources ahead of time, keep up with the pace of frequent disasters and assist people in their darkest hours.”

In addition to supporting major disaster responses, the ADGP also aids families affected by home fires, which make up the majority of Red Cross interventions.

The program ensures the continuity of disaster preparedness education, helping communities to better handle crises.

FSJA Comment

The Johnson Controls Foundation’s substantial pledge to the American Red Cross ADGP exemplifies the growing recognition of corporate responsibility in disaster preparedness and response.

Such contributions are essential in bolstering the capabilities of humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross, especially in an era marked by an increasing frequency of large-scale natural disasters.

This commitment goes beyond mere financial assistance, fostering a culture of proactive preparedness and community involvement, evident in the encouragement of Johnson Controls employees to engage in local volunteer efforts.

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