Indianapolis Fire Department enters a four-year agreement with Pierce Manufacturing and MacQueen Emergency

October 16, 2023

Indianapolis Fire Department strengthens fleet with new apparatus

The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) has recently entered into a four-year contract with Pierce Manufacturing and their authorized dealer, MacQueen Emergency.

This significant procurement agreement comes as the second multi-year collaboration between the two parties, following a successful deal struck in 2015.

Customization to meet the city’s unique needs

“Over the past few years, our department’s Apparatus Specifications Committee, in collaboration with our Health & Safety Committee, have made a thorough evaluation of vendors and visited several facilities nationwide,” stated IFD Chief Ernest V. Malone.

“Ultimately, the quality of Pierce apparatus and their ability to tailor-make apparatus to suit Indianapolis’ urban environment and call volume, led to MacQueen Emergency and Pierce Manufacturing being awarded the bid.”

The initial order within this contract consists of 20 Pierce apparatus. These include various models designed to serve specific needs, such as aerial ladders, rear-mount platforms, aerial towers, and custom pumpers.

Each of these vehicles will be constructed using the Pierce Enforcer custom chassis.

The design of these new fire trucks is aimed to cater to the specific demands of the Indianapolis Fire Department.

Features are included to navigate Indianapolis’ diverse terrain and its seasonal weather fluctuations, from scorching summers to snowy winters.

Such conditions not only affect road durability but also present potential hazards.

Furthermore, considerations have been made for older firehouses in Indianapolis which can impose size constraints on fire apparatus.

Emphasizing uniformity and efficiency

Deputy Chief of IFD’s Logistics Division, Kevan Crawley, commented: “This order is an important step towards uniformity, which not only presents a visually consistent fleet but also enables us to standardize our operations and reduce our fleet expenditures.

“We are excited to integrate the new apparatus into service and appreciate the unwavering support from our city’s administration and elected officials in realizing this purchase.”

Continued partnership and trust

“We are proud of our longstanding relationship with the Indianapolis Fire Department,” expressed Garry Davis, a sales representative with MacQueen Emergency.

“It’s our honor to support them with superior apparatus to meet their high demands and handle extreme conditions. We look forward to their continued trust and partnership.”

It’s noteworthy that this contract’s financing was facilitated through the Indiana Bond Bank.

Additionally, the Indianapolis Fire Department capitalized on an upfront payment option from Pierce, resulting in significant savings for taxpayers.

FSJA Comment

The decision by the Indianapolis Fire Department to further their partnership with Pierce Manufacturing and MacQueen Emergency is indicative of the trust and satisfaction with the previous collaborations.

With this new fleet, the IFD is not only enhancing its emergency response capabilities but is also taking a proactive approach to address the city’s unique challenges.

The custom-built apparatus, tailored to the city’s environment and needs, showcases the department’s commitment to serve and protect its communities efficiently.

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