Indianapolis Division Chief Michael Beard receives FDIC 2024 Service Award

February 22, 2024

FDIC International honors Indianapolis fire marshal with prestigious award

The Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International has awarded the FDIC 2024 Service Award to Michael Beard, Division Chief of the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department.

This recognition marks a significant milestone in Beard’s distinguished career in firefighting, which began in 2001.

Beard’s journey in the fire service started with his first permanent assignment on Ladder 34, a position he held for nearly 13 years before his promotion to lieutenant.

His career trajectory took a notable turn in November 2023 when he was appointed as the fire marshal for Indianapolis.

A dedicated career in firefighting

Throughout his career, Beard has been deeply involved with FDIC International, contributing significantly to the conference’s success.

His duties include overseeing the deputy fire marshals responsible for VIP transportation and code enforcement during the event.

Moreover, Beard plays a pivotal role in the aesthetic and operational setup of the main stage for the Opening Ceremony.

In addition to his existing responsibilities, in 2023, Beard took on the ceremonial role of “ringer of the bell” during the Opening Ceremony, succeeding retired Indianapolis Chief Jimmy Greeson.

This role further underscores his deep commitment and multifaceted involvement with FDIC International.

Recognition of unwavering dedication

David Rhodes, FDIC Education Director, praised Beard’s relentless work ethic and dedication to the conference’s success.

“For the entire duration of the conference, Michael is involved, working hard to make sure it is successful, being available 24/7 to answer calls, and completing any task needing to be done.

“Chief Beard does all these things seamlessly while always having a smile on his face,” Rhodes said.

“He further added, “Chief Beard, for your incredible work ethic and dedication, we are proud to award you the FDIC 2024 Service Award.”

FSJA Comment

The FDIC 2024 Service Award presented to Division Chief Michael Beard is a testament to the enduring spirit and hard work that define the firefighting community.

Awards such as these highlight the extraordinary contributions of individuals who go above and beyond in their service and commitment.

Chief Beard’s extensive career, marked by significant roles and responsibilities, exemplifies the dedication required to ensure safety and success in public service roles.

This award not only celebrates his achievements but also serves as an inspiration for future generations within the firefighting and emergency response communities.

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