Hoboken Fire Department emphasizes cooking safety for Fire Prevention Week

October 3, 2023
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As Fire Prevention Week commences on October 9, the Hoboken Fire Department (HFD) has unveiled this year’s theme: “Cooking safety starts with YOU. Pay attention to fire prevention”.

Fire Prevention Week: Teaming up for community safety

The HFD, in collaboration with the City of Hoboken and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), has initiated a week-long campaign.

Their goal is to emphasize the significance of proactive measures in ensuring kitchen safety, according to a press release from the Hoboken Public Safety Department.

Cooking: A leading cause of fire hazards

NFPA statistics reveal that cooking remains the top cause of home fires and related injuries in the United States.

Unattended cooking stands out as the primary reason for cooking-related fires and fatalities.

Key safety tips to remember

Throughout October, recognized as Fire Prevention Month, HFD intends to consistently remind Hoboken residents of various safety precautions:

  • Watch what you heat: Always monitor your cooking closely and use a timer as a reminder.
  • Prioritize handle safety: Turn pot handles inward and ensure a lid is accessible to cover pans during minor grease fires.
  • Establish boundaries: Maintain a minimum three-foot “kid and pet free zone” around cooking areas.

Furthermore, HFD will enhance its fire prevention outreach via social media updates and posts on its official website.

Extensive outreach to local students

Firefighters are gearing up to visit local educational institutions to educate Hoboken’s younger generation on effective fire prevention methods both at home and within school settings, ensuring the safety of themselves and their families.

Beyond the kitchen: Additional safety topics

While kitchen safety remains a priority, HFD is expanding its focus. Key topics will encompass lithium-ion battery safety, the formulation of fire safety protocols, planning escape routes, and the critical role of smoke detectors.

HFD’s central message this month is clear: Prioritize fire safety.

By doing so, the community can significantly reduce fire incidents, minimize fire-associated injuries and fatalities, and foster a safer environment for all residents.

FSJA Comment

The dedication of the Hoboken Fire Department to emphasize cooking safety, especially during Fire Prevention Week, underscores a vital issue.

With the NFPA highlighting cooking as a primary cause of home fires, it’s evident that kitchen safety can’t be stressed enough.

The multi-pronged approach of HFD — from resident education to school outreach — exemplifies a proactive approach to community safety.

Combining public awareness with actionable tips ensures that residents have both knowledge and tools to protect their homes and loved ones.

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