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February 13, 2024

The Institution of Fire Engineers invites members and stakeholders to shape future strategy

The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) has announced an open invitation to its members and external stakeholders to contribute to the shaping of its strategy for the 2025 – 2029 period.

With a rich history of over a century in enhancing the capabilities of global fire professionals, the IFE has been at the forefront of promoting and improving fire engineering.

This initiative aims to gather insights and experiences to guide the institution’s strategic priorities over the next five years.

A spokesperson for the IFE said: “Our next strategy period is 2025 – 2029, and we’re inviting IFE members and external stakeholders to have a say and share experiences to help shape the IFE’s future strategic priorities.”

This collaborative approach is designed to ensure the strategy reflects a comprehensive vision for advancing the science, practice, and professionalism of fire engineering.

Virtual strategy development sessions announced

To facilitate this strategy development, the IFE is organizing a series of virtual Strategy Development Sessions across two distinct phases.

The first phase, taking place in March 2024, will focus on a strategic analysis of the global fire safety context.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss strategic issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

This phase welcomes both IFE members and external stakeholders, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to incorporating a diverse range of perspectives.

The second phase, scheduled for April 2024, is exclusively for IFE members.

It will concentrate on refining the outcomes of the first phase into strategic themes, discussing potential priorities, and exploring measures of success.

“These sessions will provide the opportunity to share your thoughts on what you think IFE’s priorities should be and what could help us meet these priorities,” the spokesperson added.

Click here to register your interest and have your say.

Registration and participation details

Interest in the Strategy Development Sessions is expected to be high, with the IFE advising prospective participants to register their interest early.

Registration for the first phase closes on 16th February 2024, and for the second phase on 15th March 2024.

Attendance is limited to ensure interactive and engaging sessions, with around 30 delegates per session.

Selection will be partly based on the information provided in the registration form to ensure a balanced global representation.

Participants will receive a separate Zoom link one week before their respective events, although registration does not guarantee a place due to limited availability.

This approach aims to facilitate a wide-ranging discussion that incorporates varied viewpoints and ensures comprehensive stakeholder engagement in the strategic planning process.

FSJA Comment

The Institution of Fire Engineers’ initiative to involve its members and external stakeholders in shaping its future strategy is a testament to the organization’s commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.

By soliciting input from a broad spectrum of individuals connected to the field of fire engineering, the IFE underscores the importance of diverse perspectives in the evolution of fire safety practices and standards.

This strategic planning process aims to address the current challenges and opportunities within the field, setting a foundation for proactive and informed decision-making that can adapt to future advancements and changes in the global fire safety context.

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