Grant County Fire District 7 showcases remarkable progress and community support in 2023

February 20, 2024
EMS Fire engine ambulance

Fire Chief’s message highlights achievements and future goals

In a year marked by significant achievements and proactive community engagement, Grant County Fire District 7 (GCFD 7), Washington, has released its annual report for 2023, detailing substantial improvements in response times, equipment upgrades, and volunteer participation.

Under the leadership of the newly appointed fire chief, the district has navigated challenges, including an aged and poorly maintained fleet, to emerge stronger and more capable.

Operational enhancements and fleet upgrades

GCFD 7 reported a notable increase in operational efficiency in 2023, responding to 25% more incidents than in the previous year.

This was achieved alongside a remarkable 24% improvement in response times, reducing from an average of 10.29 minutes in 2022 to 7.84 minutes.

The district’s fleet saw significant rejuvenation, with the average age of apparatus dropping from 43 to 23 years, thanks to strategic investments in new equipment and successful grant writing efforts that brought in over $700,000.

Volunteerism and community engagement

Volunteerism remains a cornerstone of GCFD 7’s success.

Starting the year with 13 volunteers, the district’s focus on recruitment and retention bolstered its ranks to 24 by year-end, with a future goal of 36 dedicated volunteers.

The district’s commitment to the community was evident through various activities, including fire and EMS standby at local events, free medical standby at high school football games, and the Fire Chief’s community engagement initiatives.

Infrastructure and services update

The district operates out of two fire stations and a maintenance facility, which have seen improvements and evaluations for future repairs.

The introduction of a Basic Life Support Ambulance Transport Program in July has significantly reduced response times for medical emergencies, offering affordable and timely care to the community.

GCFD 7’s efforts in fire prevention and community services further underscore its integral role in promoting safety and readiness.

FSJA Comment

The strides made by Grant County Fire District 7 throughout 2023 reflect a focused and strategic approach to overcoming challenges and enhancing service delivery.

The improvements in response times and equipment, coupled with a strong emphasis on volunteerism and community support, illustrate the district’s dedication to its mission.

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