Gilbert introduces Arizona’s first electric fire engine

November 15, 2023
Arizona Firefighter

Innovative electric fire engine debuts in Gilbert, Arizona

In a significant step towards eco-friendly emergency response, the Gilbert Fire & Rescue Department recently unveiled Arizona’s first electric fire engine.

This pioneering vehicle, which began its service in late October at Gilbert Fire Station No. 2, marks a notable first in Arizona and is one of the initial electric fire trucks in the United States.

Enhanced capabilities and environmental benefits

This advanced fire engine stands out with its zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.

It also offers quieter operations and smoother, more responsive acceleration compared to traditional fire trucks.

The new electric fire truck can deliver a 1,500 gallons of water per minute, and notably, it uses only 2% of its battery to completely empty its water reserves.

Financial support and strategic partnerships

The project received a $30,000 grant from Salt River Project (SRP), which included a $20,000 rebate for the truck’s charging solution and an additional $10,000 for the truck itself.

SRP played a crucial role in the initiative, overseeing the installation of a custom electric vehicle (EV) charger at the fire station.

Safety and innovation at the forefront

Gilbert Fire Chief Rob Duggan emphasized the department’s commitment to innovation for enhancing firefighter safety and improving community service.

He expressed gratitude towards SRP for their continued partnership and support in this groundbreaking project.

FSJA Comment

The introduction of Arizona’s first electric fire engine in Gilbert represents a forward-thinking approach in the realm of emergency services.

This move not only showcases the potential for incorporating eco-friendly solutions in critical public service sectors but also highlights the evolving nature of firefighting equipment.

As environmental concerns become increasingly central to public policy and community expectations, Gilbert’s adoption of electric fire engines sets a precedent for other fire departments.

It underscores a balance between operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, a combination that is becoming essential in modern public service.

This initiative could pave the way for broader adoption of similar technologies across the United States, marking a shift towards more sustainable and efficient emergency response mechanisms.

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