Gear Wash launches CO2 cleaning technology for firefighter gear

May 17, 2024

Innovative CO2 cleaning technology introduced for firefighter gear

Gear Wash, a subsidiary of Fire-Dex, has announced the launch of its CO2 Contaminant Cleaning Technology for firefighter gear.

This new service provides firefighters and first responders with an advanced method of sanitizing gear that enhances traditional water-based cleaning, as reported by Gear Wash.

Brian Marenco, Director of Business Development for Gear Wash, said: “CO2 conserves water and electricity, so it checks all the boxes for a sustainable approach to decontamination that can also mean faster turnaround time for our customers.”

He emphasized that this technology ensures their service options remain at the cutting edge, aligning with their status as the world’s largest verified Independent Service Provider for PPE care and maintenance.

Benefits of CO2 cleaning

CO2 cleaning utilizes carbon dioxide as a solvent to penetrate all three layers of firefighting gear, delivering a deeper clean than traditional water methods.

This technology can remove up to 98% of contaminants and ensures the gear is dry and ready for immediate use.

Additionally, CO2 cleaning can restore the retro-reflectivity of some reflective trims, enhancing visibility for firefighters in low-light conditions.

The unique properties of CO2 allow it to revert to a gas state at normal atmospheric pressure, leaving no residue on the gear.

This method provides a more thorough clean and promotes environmental sustainability by conserving water and electricity.

How CO2 cleaning works

The CO2 cleaning process involves converting carbon dioxide into a supercritical fluid by heating it above 31°C and pressurizing it beyond 74 bar.

In this state, CO2 behaves like both a gas and a liquid, enabling it to penetrate small pores and crevices in the gear to dissolve and carry away contaminants.

After cleaning, the CO2 is returned to its gaseous state by reducing pressure and temperature, leaving no residue on the gear.

This allows for the reuse of CO2 in the cleaning process, further enhancing its sustainability.

Comprehensive services for first responders

Gear Wash aims to provide first responders with exceptional gear care through its CO2 Contaminant Cleaning Technology.

This new tool enhances the safety and effectiveness of essential garments worn by firefighters and other emergency personnel.

In addition to cleaning, Gear Wash offers comprehensive services, including inspection, repair, alteration, recordkeeping, and rental services, catering to some of the nation’s largest fire departments.

FSJA comment

Gear Wash’s introduction of CO2 Contaminant Cleaning Technology marks a significant advancement in the maintenance and care of firefighter gear.

The ability to restore retro-reflectivity in reflective trims further enhances the safety of firefighters, ensuring better visibility in low-light conditions.

By converting CO2 into a supercritical fluid, Gear Wash can deliver a more thorough clean without leaving any residue on the gear, and the reuse of CO2 in the process underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

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