Fortaleza fire department hosts Prevention Week 2024

July 1, 2024

Open Doors Firefighters event at Casarão Vermelho

On Saturday, June 29, the Fortaleza community was invited to the headquarters of the Ceará Military Fire Brigade (CBMCE) for the “Open Door Firefighters” event.

As reported by CBMCE, this initiative aimed to provide an educational and engaging experience for attendees, particularly children, by showcasing the diverse roles and responsibilities of firefighters beyond extinguishing fires.

The event featured a variety of activities, including a climbing wall, zip line, fire truck rides, and an exhibition of old equipment and vehicles.

Workshops on judo and first aid were conducted alongside musical performances.

The Dog Search Company (CBCães) also participated, delighting the audience with their demonstrations.

Objectives of the Prevention Week 2024

Colonel Claudio Barreto, commander-general of the CBMCE, stated: “The objective of this initiative is to show the population that the work of military firefighters goes far beyond putting out fires.

“In addition, we seek to disseminate the ‘culture of prevention,’ which involves strategies to prevent and minimize the severity of risk and emergency situations.”

The event also highlighted the Jovem Brigadista de Valor (JBV) program, where teenagers trained in first aid and emergency response served as instructors.

This initiative marks the beginning of Prevention Week in Ceará, a nationwide campaign by fire departments to promote safety awareness.

Activities planned for Prevention Week

Prevention Week 2024 includes a series of activities designed to raise public awareness about incident prevention.

Scheduled events include musical performances at various terminals, underwater cleaning initiatives, a sea crossing, and a videocast discussing vacation operations and water sports safety.

Additional topics cover CBMCE’s role during extreme weather conditions, prevention of domestic accidents, and the simplification of fire certification processes to expedite the opening of establishments.

The week will also feature exhibitions, the launch of a fire prevention booklet by the Fire Prevention Engineering Command (Cepi), and a ceremony commemorating National Firefighter’s Day.

Other events include the 2nd Fire Pedal, exhibitions in shopping malls, a steel firefighter competition, and a performance by the music band of the Military Firefighter College Escritora Rachel de Queiroz (CMCB), culminating with the 37th Fire Race.

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