FLIR introduces advanced methane detection system for oil and gas sites

June 28, 2024

FLIR launches ADGiLE methane monitoring solution

FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has introduced ADGiLE, a fixed-mounted methane monitoring solution designed for the oil and gas industry.

As reported by FLIR, ADGiLE incorporates optical gas imaging (OGI) with advanced edge detection analytics, helping companies meet environmental and efficiency objectives.

ADGiLE includes a pan-tilt gas imaging camera, edge computing device, connectivity, and FLIR United VMS software in a robust package.

It aims to address requirements for reducing methane gas leaks in production, transmission, and storage infrastructure.

The system leverages FLIR’s uncooled GF77a OGI technology and is designed for extensive site video monitoring and continuous leak detection.

Features and functionality

ADGiLE pairs the GF77a camera with platform analytics to detect emissions through automatic early detection.

This system quickly identifies leak sources, providing critical situational awareness not possible with other detection methods like satellite and aerial-based technologies.

The data is displayed via FLIR United VMS software in the control room, which can be customized with alerts, areas of interest, and imaging pathways for automation.

Primarily focusing on midstream and high-concentration methane upstream applications, ADGiLE aims to detect and prevent high-volume emission events.

It operates in both daylight and darkness at safe distances, depending on atmospheric and site conditions.

The system improves site efficiency and safety, leveraging FLIR’s edge detection analytics developed from decades of data and experience.

Industry impact and capabilities

Craig O’Neill, Business Development Director at FLIR, stated: “The industry knows FLIR as the world leader in handheld OGI detection, and now they can access lower-cost technology via a completely automated, fixed solution with ADGiLE, featuring everything they need out of the box to quickly pinpoint and then fix large methane leaks.”

ADGiLE is designed to meet serious methane leak detection challenges while providing operational insight.

It helps distinguish between routine emissions and fugitive events, preventing false readings and saving time and resources by avoiding the need for manual leak investigation.

The system can detect intermittent leaks often missed by aerial detection technologies, offering comprehensive situational awareness.

Benefits for the oil and gas sector

The ADGiLE system delivers end-to-end methane detection, improving efficiency and safety for well site operators, compressor stations, and storage facilities.

Its ability to provide accurate and consistent results addresses the industry’s evolving methane mitigation demands and internal emission reduction goals.

FLIR’s new solution aims to offer a cost-effective, automated alternative to traditional handheld OGI technology.

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