Fireworks law change in Ohio provides $3 million for firefighter training

July 4, 2024

Ohio law change brings $3 million boost for firefighter training

The liberalization of Ohio’s fireworks laws has generated $3 million for firefighter training.

This amount, derived from a 4% tax on gross receipts from fireworks sales, is set to be officially transferred to the state Fire Marshal’s office next week.

Most of the funds are allocated for firefighter training, with a small portion covering administrative costs for regulating fireworks sales.

As reported by Cleveland.com, the law, passed in 2022, allows Ohioans greater freedom to use fireworks.

Previously, Ohioans could purchase consumer-grade fireworks but had to transport them out of state within 48 hours.

Mild fireworks like sparklers were legal, but more powerful fireworks, such as bottle rockets and firecrackers, had been banned since 1972.

Under the new law, Ohioans can legally ignite fireworks on their property during certain holidays, unless banned by local municipalities.

These holidays include New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day weekend, Juneteenth, July 3, 4, and 5, Labor Day weekend, Diwali, and New Year’s Eve.

However, the law does not require the Fire Marshal to use these funds specifically for fireworks-related training.

Fireworks incidents in Ohio and firefighter response

The state Fire Marshal’s office reported that fireworks caused 128 fires in Ohio last year, including 22 residential building fires, resulting in nearly $700,000 in damages.

So far in 2024, there have been 10 fireworks-related incidents, causing nearly $10,000 in losses.

Tom Brockman, a spokesman for the Fire Marshal, highlighted the importance of the funding for equipping the office and the Ohio Fire Academy with the resources needed to ensure firefighters can respond effectively to incidents.

He stated: “As far as firefighter response, those actions are established by the local communities in which they serve.

“That said, firefighters across Ohio are committed to responding to any incidents that put the lives and properties of Ohioans at risk. That is true on July 4 and on any day during the year.”

New law’s impact on firefighter training

This funding is seen as a step forward in enhancing the training and preparedness of Ohio’s firefighters.

It aims to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle various emergencies throughout the year.

The increase in funds will support ongoing training programs at the Ohio Fire Academy, benefiting firefighters across the state.

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