Firefighters from Kansas City develop a new tool for efficient victim rescue

October 5, 2023
drag strap

Kansas City firefighters unveil the VIKCTIM Drag Strap, revolutionizing victim rescue operations

SUPPRESSION GEAR Inc. has introduced the VIKCTIM Drag Strap: an innovative tool designed to address the pressing challenges faced during emergency rescue operations across various sectors.

The tool was conceptualized and brought to life by a team of firefighters from Kansas City, MO.

Challenges in modern-day victim rescue

When it comes to rescuing victims, several challenges arise. Victims might be trapped in hard-to-access areas, injured, or even unconscious, making swift and safe extraction complex.

Additionally, with modern-day victims often being heavier and possibly having conditions like slippery skin or limited clothing, it becomes harder for rescuers to maintain a strong grip.

Couple these factors with the frequently encountered poor visibility, treacherous conditions, and the intense pressure of making quick decisions, and the rescue task becomes even more daunting.

Addressing rescue obstacles with the VIKCTIM Drag Strap

The newly introduced VIKCTIM Drag Strap offers an integrated solution to these problems by providing a secure and user-friendly way to grasp and transport victims.

This improves the pace and safety of rescue missions. Chad Dailey, the inventor of the strap and a firefighter boasting 32 years of experience, emphasized its significance: “The VIKCTIM Drag Strap doesn’t just make our jobs easier; it fundamentally improves the chances for victims in rescue scenarios.

“By enhancing grip strength and stability, we’re able to act more quickly, ultimately providing a faster and safer rescue for those in dire situations.”

Potential for wide-ranging applications

Scott Hacker, the President of SUPPRESSION GEAR Inc., highlighted the device’s versatility: “The VIKCTIM Drag Strap is more than an advancement for the fire service; it’s a versatile tool with broad potential including EMS, law enforcement, and military applications.”

Easy incorporation for enhanced rescue operations

A standout feature of the VIKCTIM Drag Strap is its design which facilitates seamless integration into the majority of existing firefighting PPE.

This presents a readily available and economical solution to amplify rescue operations, and can be found here.

FSJA Comment

The introduction of the VIKCTIM Drag Strap by SUPPRESSION GEAR Inc. represents a significant advancement in emergency rescue operations.

Developed by firefighters with first-hand experience in the challenges of victim extraction, this tool addresses longstanding issues faced by rescue professionals.

By enhancing grip, speed, and overall safety, the VIKCTIM Drag Strap stands to redefine the parameters of efficient rescue, extending its applications beyond firefighting to fields such as EMS, law enforcement, and the military.

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