Firefighters continue monitoring Cocó Park to prevent wildfire spread

January 25, 2024
wildfire firefighters

The Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE) is continuing its vigilant monitoring of Cocó Park to prevent the spread of wildfires and protect the area’s biodiversity.

This ongoing effort, led by the CBMCE, involves multiple agencies and is crucial for the conservation of the park’s natural resources.

Ongoing monitoring efforts

According to the general commander of the Fire Department, Colonel Cláudio Barreto, the teams will remain in place as long as necessary.

He emphasized the importance of continuous monitoring to identify and address any potential hotspots quickly.

“Our teams are dedicated to ensuring the safety and preservation of Cocó Park.

“We are monitoring the situation closely and are ready to respond promptly to any signs of fire,” said Colonel Barreto.

Inter-agency collaboration

The CBMCE’s efforts are supported by a collaborative approach involving various agencies.

This includes the Batalhão de Polícia do Meio Ambiente (BPMA) of the Polícia Militar do Ceará (PMCE), brigades from the State Secretariat of Environment and Climate Change (Sema), the Coordinated Integrated Operations of Aerial (Ciopaer) of the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), as well as firefighters from the State Coordination of Civil Protection and Defense (Cedec) of the CBMCE and agents from the Secretariat of Animal Protection.

Role of the Secretariat of Animal Protection

The Secretariat of Animal Protection also plays a vital role in the operation, focusing on safeguarding the park’s fauna.

The executive secretary of the Secretariat, Erich Douglas, shared insights into their actions.

“Our team is working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the park’s wildlife.

“We are implementing measures to protect the animals from the potential dangers posed by the fires,” stated Erich Douglas.

FSJA Comment

The efforts of the Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE) and its collaborative partners in monitoring Cocó Park highlight the critical role of emergency services in environmental protection.

This operation demonstrates the importance of inter-agency cooperation in managing natural disasters and protecting biodiversity.

The proactive approach taken by the CBMCE and its partners in preventing the spread of wildfires is essential for the preservation of Cocó Park, a key ecological area in the region.

The integration of various governmental departments, including environmental and animal protection agencies, ensures a comprehensive response to potential threats, thereby safeguarding the park’s delicate ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Such initiatives are vital for maintaining the ecological balance and protecting natural habitats from the increasing risks posed by environmental changes and human activities.

*Note: This article contains content translated from Portuguese, and there may be minor discrepancies in translation.

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