Firefighter and paramedic Ronald Stewart elected to Oklahoma House of Representatives

July 4, 2024

Ronald Stewart elected to Oklahoma House of Representatives

Ronald Stewart, a firefighter and paramedic with Tulsa Local 176, has been elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives, as reported by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

Stewart secured over 50 percent of the votes in the June Democratic primary election.

He will represent District 73, which had no candidates from other political parties.

Stewart, who has nearly two decades of firefighting experience, including 11 years in District 73, expressed his gratitude: “The feeling of being elected to office is indescribable. Having earned the trust of the community is an honor.”

Support from IAFF and local unions

Stewart attributes his successful political campaign to the support from the IAFF and Local 176.

A 2023 graduate of the IAFF’s Political Training Academy, he noted the significance of the endorsements and contributions: “Local 176 was the first to endorse and generously contribute to my campaign with a max donation.”

He also received endorsements and support from OKC Local 157 and Houston Local 341, which were crucial in his campaign efforts.

Stewart stated: “With only 142 votes of separation between my opponent and I, every voter reached was critical.”

Role of IAFF FIREPAC contributions

IAFF FIREPAC contributions were also instrumental in Stewart’s fundraising efforts.

Stewart emphasized the importance of these contributions: “The money that is donated by our members in support of FIREPAC’s initiatives has been stewarded extremely well, in my opinion, and the proof is in the elections.”

Stewart believes that the IAFF and many Locals have effectively assisted in electing individuals who can positively impact their communities.

Local 176 president’s commendation

IAFF Local 176 President Matt Lay praised Stewart’s victory, highlighting his journey from firefighting to politics.

Lay stated: “As a Local, we are so proud of Ron’s remarkable journey from battling blazes to representing Tulsa at the State Capitol – a testament to his dedication and service to the community.”

Stewart will be sworn into office in November while continuing his position with the Tulsa Fire Department.

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