Fire Safety Research Institute enhances online learning platform for firefighters

January 25, 2024

Fire Safety Research Institute updates its firefighter training system for improved user experience

The Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI), a division of UL Research Institutes, has announced a significant update to its Fire Safety Academy (FSA), an online learning platform.

Launched in 2020, the FSA offers free access to science-based training for firefighters.

The platform, known as FSA 2.0, was developed in partnership with FSRI’s Training Advisory Committee (TAC) and is designed to enhance the learning experience for both firefighter students and training officers.

New features aim to streamline firefighter education

The updated platform boasts several key improvements:

  • Integration with other learning platforms allows for seamless transitions and centralized tracking of achievements.
  • The curriculum now aligns with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards, emphasizing industry-leading guidelines and best practices.
  • Custom learning pathways and certification programs can be created by authorized agencies and departments.
  • Blended learning options enable instructors to deliver in-person training to groups while tracking individual assessment results.
  • Enhanced tools for training officers facilitate efficient management of personnel and performance metrics.
  • Modular micro-lessons provide convenient, bite-sized training for busy schedules.
  • Improved navigation and personalized search experiences enhance user engagement and learning efficiency.

Industry experts highlight platform’s benefits

Angela Bennett, FSRI’s Manager of Education and Training, emphasized the upgrade’s impact: “Upgrades to the FSA will significantly improve the educational journey for everyone who uses it—from the students learning about tactical considerations to the training officers planning and preparing curricula for their departments.”

Jesse Marcotte, a TAC member and Training Chief at Northville Township Fire Department, also commented on the platform’s enhancements: “It’s now faster and easier to prepare for [modern firefighting challenges] through the FSRI FSA 2.0.

“The platform still allows you to access training whenever you want, wherever you are.

“Now with the latest upgrades, content is easier to find, navigation is more efficient, and firefighters can complete most lessons in about five minutes.”

FSRI’s ongoing commitment to fire safety education

The FSA currently features over 30 science-based courses covering fire dynamics, firefighting tactics, and firefighter health.

With more than 110,000 registered users, representing 25% of U.S. fire departments, the platform has facilitated the completion of over 350,000 training courses.

FSJA Comment

The expansion of the Fire Safety Academy by the Fire Safety Research Institute marks a notable advancement in the field of firefighter education and training.

This update, blending advanced technology with user-focused design, addresses the evolving needs of modern firefighting professionals.

The integration of NFPA standards into the curriculum and the introduction of customized learning pathways underscore a commitment to comprehensive, standards-based training.

Moreover, the platform’s focus on flexible learning modules reflects an understanding of the demanding schedules faced by firefighters.

This development not only enhances the accessibility and efficiency of firefighter training but also potentially impacts fire safety outcomes, contributing to more informed, well-prepared firefighting forces.

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