Fire Prevention Week approaches with a focus on cooking safety

October 4, 2023

Get ready for Fire Prevention Week from October 8-14

With Fire Prevention Week (FPW) just around the corner, the community is being urged to play an active role in promoting safety within homes and neighborhoods.

The theme for this year is “Cooking safety starts with you! Pay attention to fire prevention.”

Resources are available to help in the planning of activities and to continue spreading this vital message throughout the year.

NVFC roundtable talk emphasizes Fire Prevention Week

On October 4 at 2pm ET, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) will be hosting a roundtable discussion.

This event will feature a panel of experts discussing the relevance of this year’s theme.

Additionally, they will provide insights on how fire departments can actively participate in FPW. Useful tips and strategies for public education will also be shared.

For those unable to attend in real-time, a recording will be available here.

Resources for Fire Prevention Week and community safety

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has dedicated tools and resources on their Fire Prevention Week website.

Further, the U.S. Fire Administration offers tools and resources that can assist in fire prevention and life safety education in communities.

For non-operational volunteers, who play an essential role in fire departments’ public education and outreach programs, the NVFC has resources on the Fire Corps program.

This includes guidance on smoke alarm installations, home safety checks, and more.

Engaging the community in volunteer and safety initiatives

The NVFC’s “Make Me A Firefighter” campaign is using the FPW platform to reach out to potential volunteers.

The campaign offers free resources such as ready-to-use PSAs and a materials generator for creating customized recruitment materials.

Fire departments can also use an online database to promote volunteer opportunities in their areas.

To further support departments, the NVFC has online courses and webinars in its Virtual Classroom focusing on fire prevention and safety initiatives.

Unified messaging for fire and life safety

The Fire and Life Safety Communicators Initiative led by the U.S. Fire Administration aims to provide a unified voice on fire and life safety.

A monthly messaging calendar, complete with links to relevant information and resources, is a part of this initiative.

FSJA Comment

Fire Prevention Week serves as a timely reminder of the shared responsibility within our communities to promote safety.

The emphasis on cooking safety this year highlights a prevalent and preventable cause of domestic fires.

With the wealth of resources provided by organizations like the NVFC and NFPA, there’s an opportunity for both fire departments and individuals to be better equipped in preventing potential tragedies.

Such initiatives not only save property but, more importantly, save lives.

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