Fire Fighter receives the 31st Perpetual Fire Prevention Award of Excellence

October 17, 2023

County of Los Angeles Fire Department celebrates Fire Prevention Month with prestigious award

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, Fire Fighter Specialist Joshua Costello of the County of Los Angeles Fire Department (LACoFD) was celebrated as the recipient of the 31st Perpetual Fire Prevention Award of Excellence.

This commendation aligns with the County’s recent declaration of October as Fire Prevention Month.

Promoting fire prevention: Joshua Costello’s commitment to excellence

At the ceremony, several team members from the LACoFD Prevention Division were present.

County of Los Angeles Deputy Fire Chief Nick Duvally, Assistant Fire Chief Albert Yanagisawa, and Battalion Chief Khoi Dao all played a part in presenting Fire Fighter Specialist Costello with the esteemed Perpetual Award of Excellence acrylic trophy and an accompanying Board scroll.

Joshua Costello’s dedicated efforts in the Fire Prevention Division haven’t gone unnoticed.

He has been instrumental in the development and scrutiny of Fire Prevention Codes and Ordinances.

Moreover, he has been an active participant in many State and national committees responsible for crafting codes.

This includes his latest nomination to the Emerging Technology Committee for Energy Storage Systems.

Not only has Costello excelled in his professional duties, but he also stands out for his service commitment.

He has given 17 years of unwavering service to the County’s residents and communities.

Additionally, he consistently shares his vast knowledge and expertise with both young explorers and new firefighters.

FSJA Comment

This prestigious honor underscores the dedication and commitment of individuals like Joshua Costello who work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the safety of County residents.

Costello’s extensive contributions to the development of Fire Prevention Codes and his consistent involvement in various committees at both the State and national levels exemplify the kind of excellence that this award celebrates.

Moreover, his steadfast service over the years and his commitment to mentoring the next generation of firefighters highlight the embodiment of true service to the community.

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