Fire-Dex provides guidance on selecting structural firefighting gloves

November 10, 2023

Fire-Dex, a leading manufacturer of protective firefighting clothing and gear, has released a comprehensive guide to assist firefighters in choosing structural firefighting gloves that ensure safety and performance.

The guide, titled “Choosing the Best Structural Firefighting Gloves: A Guide to Safety and Performance,” emphasizes the importance of glove selection in providing vital protection against a variety of hazards encountered during fire calls.

Considerations for dexterity in firefighting gloves

One of the primary focuses of the guide is the necessity of dexterity in firefighting gloves: “One of the most critical factors in firefighting is dexterity.”

The guide stresses that the ability to grasp and manipulate objects is crucial for safety and efficiency.

Fire-Dex highlights that the design of the glove’s exterior is vital for enhanced grip capabilities.

Finding the right fit: a balance between ease and protection

The guide also notes the importance of finding a balance between fit and protection: “It’s important to find the right balance between a proper fit and thermal protection.”

This statement clarifies the potential risks associated with gloves that fit too tightly or too loosely, affecting both the thermal protection and the dexterity of the firefighter wearing them.

The design process for effective donning and doffing

The act of donning and doffing gloves is discussed as well, underlining its significance in glove design: “The process of putting on (donning) and taking off (doffing) gloves should be neither too easy nor too difficult.”

The guide provides insights into the design considerations that can impact a firefighter’s grip during emergencies.

Quality construction: the Dex-Pro glove feature

Highlighting a specific product, the guide introduces the Dex-Pro glove: “The Dex-Pro glove is a three-dimensional glove design that offers top-tier performance for comfort, dexterity, and thermal protection.”

The description of the Dex-Pro glove’s layered construction provides detail on its materials, including cowhide and Nomex interlock weave, and its resistance to high temperatures and water while maintaining breathability.

To read the full guide, firefighters and departments can visit the Fire-Dex blog.

FSJA Comment

The new guide from Fire-Dex serves as a crucial resource for firefighters seeking gloves that meet the rigorous demands of their profession.

By focusing on factors such as dexterity and fit, and providing detailed product information, the guide aids firefighters in making informed decisions to secure their safety.

The inclusion of real-world product insights such as the Dex-Pro glove underscores the practical application of this advice in a field where every detail can make a difference in performance and protection.

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