Fire-Dex offers expedited shipping for turnout gear

June 4, 2024

Fire-Dex launches FXR and FXM Express lines

Fire-Dex has announced a new service providing expedited shipping for its popular turnout gear.

The FXR Express and FXM Express lines will now be shipped in just five to ten business days, ensuring that fire departments can access essential gear quickly.

As reported by Fire-Dex, this new service aims to provide firefighters with fast, reliable access to high-quality protective garments.

Lauren Burke DeVere, President of Fire-Dex, said: “It’s all about keeping our emergency responders protected and ready for action.

“No matter what your needs or budget, our Express line brings you industry-leading safety, comfort, and convenience without the usual wait.”

The introduction of the FXR and FXM Express lines offers fire departments a stock option for these premium turnout gears, allowing for faster delivery times to meet urgent needs.

Features of FXR Express turnout gear

The FXR Express line is designed for superior fit and flexibility, making it one of Fire-Dex’s best-selling turnout options.

Certified to NFPA 1971, the FXR turnout gear is crafted with a TECGEN71 outer shell, a Milliken® CoreCXP™ one-layer thermal liner, and a Stedair® 4000 moisture barrier.

This combination provides a balance of safety and performance, ensuring that firefighters have reliable and high-quality gear that can be shipped quickly.

Fire-Dex’s FXR Express gear maintains the same premium standards as the regular FXR line but with the added benefit of expedited shipping.

This allows firefighters to receive their gear in a timely manner, accommodating the busy schedules and urgent needs of fire departments.

Advantages of FXM Express turnout gear

The FXM Express line offers fire departments an option that combines elite protection with cost savings.

Constructed with an Armor AP™ outer shell, a Milliken® CoreCXP™ two-layer thermal liner, and a GORE® RT7100 moisture barrier, the FXM turnout gear is designed for modern functionality and exceptional performance.

Like the FXR Express, the FXM turnout gear is certified to NFPA 1971 standards.

Customers can order FXM Express gear with confidence, knowing it will arrive swiftly and meet their high standards for protective clothing.

This quick turnaround time is critical for fire departments needing immediate access to essential gear to enhance their operational readiness.

Enhancing readiness with quick turnaround

The importance of quick access to turnout gear cannot be overstated.

Every second counts in firefighting, and the ability to receive essential protective equipment in a short timeframe can make a significant difference in a department’s effectiveness.

The FXR and FXM Express lines were developed by Fire-Dex to match the urgency of customers’ needs with expedited shipping options.

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