Fire-Dex introduces first non-fluorinated moisture barrier for firefighter gear

April 2, 2024

Fire-Dex’s new safety gear innovation

Fire-Dex has announced it is the first in the personal protective equipment (PPE) industry to offer a non-fluorinated moisture barrier option for firefighter turnout gear.

This addition, known as Stedair® Clear™ from Stedfast, is notable for being the fire service’s first available non-fluorinated moisture barrier that meets the NFPA 1971 test requirements.

The technology behind Stedair® Clear™ involves a Nomex woven pajama check laminated to a non-fluorinated barrier, enhanced with a polymer coating for improved performance and durability.

This development underscores Fire-Dex’s initiative to provide firefighters with advanced and safer gear options.

The significance of breathability in turnout gear

Todd Herring, Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy at Fire-Dex, stressed the importance of this innovation: “By introducing this non-fluorinated option, firefighters can now make the choice that is right for their department.

“If they choose to move forward with a non-fluorinated moisture barrier, Fire-Dex can offer the most breathable composite options due to our innovative material science.”

Fire-Dex highlights the breathability of their gear composites, which, according to UL test data, can reach 300+ THL (Total Heat Loss), marking them as significantly more breathable than other products in the market.

This is attributed to the use of TECGEN71® outer shell, which is designed to reduce heat stress by improving breathability, reducing weight, and enhancing the flexibility of the gear.

Additional innovations for firefighter safety

In addition to the non-fluorinated moisture barrier, Fire-Dex has introduced AeroFlex™ turnout gear, incorporating AeroVent™ Technology and VaporLite™ Panels.

These innovations aim to support core body temperature regulation and encourage airflow, which can be particularly beneficial when using a non-fluorinated moisture barrier.

AeroVent™ Technology is a patent-pending one-way street ventilation design that allows sweat vapor to escape outside without letting heat or carcinogens in, enabling firefighters to better regulate their core body temperature.

He also noted that VaporLite™ Panels, made with Fire-Dex’s TECGEN71® outer shell, promote higher breathability and cooling in the gear.

Fire-Dex’s ongoing commitment to firefighter safety

Fire-Dex’s latest advancements reflect their continuous effort to provide fire departments with a diverse range of gear options tailored to meet specific needs.

The company’s pursuit of innovative materials and technologies is aimed at expanding its product offerings to accommodate the global fire service’s evolving demands.

For further information about Fire-Dex’s non-fluorinated moisture barrier and other products, visit firedex.com/non-fluorinated-moisture-barriers/.

FSJA Comment

The introduction of a non-fluorinated moisture barrier in Fire-Dex‘s turnout gear offers fire departments a new option that avoids the use of fluorinated chemicals, addressing environmental and health concerns associated with these substances.

The move also aims to improve the breathability and overall performance of firefighter PPE.

This initiative may influence broader industry standards and practices, highlighting a shift towards more sustainable and health-conscious firefighting equipment.

As the firefighting community continues to prioritize safety and effectiveness in gear selection, innovations like this could play a critical role in shaping future PPE developments.

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