Fire-Dex expands team with new hires and promotions

January 30, 2024

Fire-Dex announces new hires and internal promotions

Earlier this month, Fire-Dex announced the filling of four key positions and the promotion of five associates.

This move underscores the company’s commitment to growth and excellence in serving the needs of first responders.

Skip Pinkston has joined the team as Regional Sales Manager, bringing his expertise to the sales division.

James Aylward steps into the role of Project Manager, overseeing critical projects within the company.

In the production domain, Michelle Camarda has been appointed as Production Planner, while Darin Siley takes on the significant responsibilities as Vice President of Human Resources.

Recognizing and rewarding talent

In addition to these new hires, Fire-Dex has recognized the hard work and dedication of its team members through five notable promotions.

Julie Spragg, owing to her impressive contributions, has been promoted to Marketing Technology Manager.

Jennifer Rose’s exceptional service has earned her the position of Assistant Customer Service Manager.

Michelle Slawson, with her considerable experience, steps up as MES Customer Service Lead.

In product management, Stacy Foster has been elevated to Product Manager.

Lastly, April Moore’s expertise and leadership have led to her promotion to Plant Manager.

Jamie Marks, Director of Human Resources at Fire-Dex, commented on these developments: “In addition to continuously assessing the need for new roles within the organization, we also aim to always recognize outstanding performance from our associates.

“We’re excited to see what impact the new members on the team will make and are proud to extend promotions to five extremely deserving individuals.”

Fire-Dex’s ongoing recruitment drive

The company is actively seeking more talent to join its diverse team, with several positions open across multiple locations, including remote opportunities.

Interested candidates can view and apply for these positions by visiting Fire-Dex’s employment page.

FSJA Comment

Fire-Dex‘s recent expansion and promotions highlight the company’s robust growth trajectory and its commitment to nurturing talent within its ranks.

By strategically filling key positions and recognizing the achievements of its existing team members, Fire-Dex reinforces its position as a leader in the personal protective equipment industry.

These changes not only ensure the company’s readiness to meet the growing demands of first responders but also illustrate a corporate culture that values and rewards dedication and excellence.

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