Fire Department of Ceará cuts down 1,137 endangered trees in 2023

October 17, 2023

Endangered trees felled in first nine months across the state

1,137 endangered trees were cut down by the Fire Department of the State of Ceará in the first nine months of 2023.

The statistics were published on the official website of the Fire Department of Ceará.

These numbers primarily reflect incidents involving trees that have fallen onto public roads, roofs of homes, or vehicles.

Comparison with previous years

This year’s figures represent a 9.25% decrease compared to the same period in 2022.

In that year, 1,253 endangered trees were cut down due to being in dangerous situations.

Furthermore, the total number of trees cut in 2022 was 1,522, which had fallen on homes, vehicles, or public pathways.

Incident reports highlight danger

Recently, on Wednesday, October 11th at approximately 6:35 pm, a tree fell onto three residences on Rua Ana Nogueira Lopes, Centro de Horizonte, AIS 25.

Sub-lieutenant Kleber da Silva Pinto reported: “when we arrived at the scene, we found that the tree had fallen on three homes”.

Military firefighters from Horizonte subsequently addressed the situation using equipment including a chainsaw, machetes, ladders, and ropes.

The importance of tree maintenance

Holes in the tree’s trunk, steep tilting, parasites, visible roots, and poor soil conditions increase the likelihood of trees falling.

Risks increase during the rainy season due to accumulated water in leaves and tree tops.

Lieutenant Teophilo, from CBMCE, stated: “Trees need maintenance, through cutting and pruning. Without proper care, they can become future accident risks.”

Regular tree maintenance is typically performed by the Urban Planning and Landscaping Authority of Fortaleza (Urbfor).

However, in emergency situations, the Fire Department intervenes.

The department stresses that for each tree cut down, two more are planted to counter environmental impacts.

FSJA Comment

The situation in the State of Ceará serves as a reminder of the balancing act between public safety and environmental conservation.

The Fire Department’s commitment to plant two trees for every one cut down emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices, even in emergency situations.

The data provides an opportunity to reflect on the maintenance and care of our natural resources, understanding that while immediate action may sometimes be necessary, long-term sustainable solutions are equally vital.

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