Fike introduces SF 1230 fire protection fluid in partnership with Standard Fluids

June 6, 2024

New fire protection solution in Missouri

Fike Corporation, based in Blue Springs, Missouri, has announced a partnership with The Standard Fluids Corporation to introduce Fike SF 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.

This new offering aims to provide a replacement for 3M’s Novec 1230, which will be discontinued in 2025.

According to Fike, SF 1230 shares the same chemical compound as Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12) and meets the same quality and purity standards.

Amos Leap, Fike Fire Suppression Product Manager, said: “Fike SF 1230 fills the void left by Novec 1230 by offering the same chemical with the same level of quality and purity standards set and accepted for over 20 years.”

Transparent testing and validation process

One of the key advantages of Fike SF 1230 is the transparency in the testing and validation of the fluid.

Luis Gonzalez, President of Standard Fluids, emphasized the thorough records and testing conducted in their US-based ISO 9001 laboratory.

He said: “We use test methods developed by the engineers who developed Novec 1230.

“The credibility and experience of the team at Standard Fluids give our customers confidence that the quality of the product is maintained to meet or exceed industry quality requirements.”

The Fike SF 1230 system utilizes Fike’s patented Impulse Valve technology, which includes an Axius rupture disc, enabling unimpeded agent flow and supporting longer pipe runs and smaller pipe diameters.

Environmental and serviceability benefits

Fike SF 1230 is designed as a direct drop-in replacement for Novec 1230, ensuring seamless integration with existing Fike systems.

Gonzalez highlighted the compatibility, stating: “The SF 1230 fluid seamlessly complements the Fike system’s serviceability as a direct drop-in replacement.”

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