FEMA advises residents to brace for flash flooding as Typhoon Storm Bolaven nears

October 11, 2023
flash flood

Flash flooding precautions in the face of imminent heavy rain

As Typhoon Storm Bolaven looms closer to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, FEMA is emphasizing the necessity for both residents and visitors to gear up for potential heavy rain and the dangers of flash flooding.

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Essential safety steps during flash flooding events

If you’re in a location susceptible to the impact of flash flooding, FEMA suggests moving to a previously identified safe spot. Evacuate immediately upon instruction.

Those in vulnerable regions should acquaint themselves with evacuation paths, ensure they have an emergency communication strategy in place for their family, and keep a battery-operated radio within reach.

Moreover, plans should be made to secure the safety of both family members and pets.

Special considerations and additional preparations might be necessary for individuals with disabilities and their service animals.

It’s crucial to heed the advice and information provided by authorities.

Return to your homes only after obtaining clearance from the officials.

Under no circumstances should one walk, drive, or swim through floodwaters.

Steer clear of bridges with rapid water flow underneath.

Should your vehicle become entrapped in quickly moving water, remain inside; if water starts to fill the vehicle, it’s advisable to take refuge on its roof.

If you’re confined within a building, head to the highest accessible point.

Avoid entering closed attics which may become inundated by escalating flood levels.

Should you find yourself on a building’s roof, it’s essential to signal for rescue.

Post-flood, be cautious of snakes and other creatures that might have entered properties.

During clean-up activities, wearing heavy gloves and boots is advised.

Ensure that you avoid contact with electrical equipment if it’s damp or if you’re in water.

Always prioritize safety; disconnect the power if possible.

When utilizing generators or other gasoline-run machinery, ensure they are operated exclusively outdoors and at a distance from windows.

Lastly, remain updated through various channels.

FEMA recommends downloading their free app to stay informed about weather and emergency alerts for up to five different locations.

For a comprehensive guide on how to effectively prep for heavy rain and the perils of flash flooding, visit this link.

FSJA Comment

The warning from FEMA underscores the essential need for preparedness in the face of natural disasters.

Flash flooding, in particular, presents an immediate threat that can catch communities off-guard, leading to significant damage and, unfortunately, even loss of life.

By heeding the guidelines set forth by organizations like FEMA, we bolster our chances of navigating these challenges with minimal harm.

It’s a reminder that while we cannot control nature, we can equip ourselves with knowledge and tools to face it.

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