FDNY launches ‘Every Second Matters’ PSA to highlight CPR and AED awareness

June 10, 2024

New PSA emphasizes the importance of quick action in cardiac emergencies

The FDNY has released a new public service announcement titled ‘Every Second Matters’ to mark CPR and AED Awareness Week.

As reported by the FDNY, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the critical role of CPR and AED use in saving lives during cardiac emergencies.

The PSA features the story of Rainelle McKune, 19, who suffered a severe asthma attack and cardiac arrest.

Her sister, Roniesha, administered CPR with guidance from an FDNY dispatcher until paramedics arrived.

FDNY personnel continued life-saving measures, including the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), leading to Rainelle’s full recovery.

FDNY’s commitment to CPR education

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh highlighted the significance of the PSA: “In the face of urgency and desperation, our EMTs, Paramedics, Officers and Dispatchers provide help.

“They are the calming presence at the other end of the line, guiding panicked family members and directing them to help.

“It truly is a miracle that we make miracles seem so easy and like everyday occurrences.”

The FDNY, with support from the FDNY Foundation and other partners, continues to offer free hands-only CPR classes to equip New Yorkers with essential life-saving skills.

These classes have been instrumental in increasing the chances of survival in sudden cardiac arrest cases.

FDNY’s ongoing efforts in public safety education

Since 2006, the FDNY’s Mobile CPR Unit has trained thousands of New Yorkers in hands-only CPR.

The new PSA, ‘Every Second Matters,’ underscores the importance of early CPR and AED use, which have been shown to dramatically increase survival rates.

The story of the McKune sisters, featured in the PSA, was also highlighted at the FDNY’s 28th-annual Second Chance Ceremony in May.

The ceremony celebrated survivors of cardiac arrest and the emergency responders who helped save their lives.

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