FDNY holds promotion ceremony for 63 members

May 30, 2024

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh oversees promotions

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh presided over a promotion ceremony at the Fire Academy on Randall’s Island on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

The event was marked by loud applause and cheers from colleagues, family members, and friends.

A total of 63 members of the FDNY were promoted during the ceremony.

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh emphasized the importance of leadership in her address.

She said: “Leadership is obviously one of the greatest challenges and honors we can take on in any place, especially at the world’s greatest Fire Department.

“You are at the initial steps of it, and those are the most important ones.”

Chief of Department John Hodgens highlights dedication

Chief of Department John Hodgens praised the dedication and skill within the FDNY ranks.

He stated: “It’s a proud day for this department. It’s a day that highlights the exceptional dedication and skill within our ranks.

“Promotions show we really have talented, brave individuals who are ready and capable of stepping into more challenging roles, taking on greater responsibilities and, most importantly, leading by example.”

The ceremony saw the promotion of Deputy Assistant Chief Michael Woods, along with 30 Captains and 32 Lieutenants.

These newly promoted members will be assigned to various units throughout New York City’s five boroughs, ensuring continued safety and leadership across the city.

New roles for FDNY members

The promoted members will be taking on new responsibilities and leadership roles within the department.

Commissioner Kavanagh noted the significance of their new roles, stating: “It was already enough to be physically brave — to put your life on the line — but you’ve decided to have moral courage and to lead those people that you love in this Department, to keep them safe every day and to be there for them in their good times and bad times.

“Congratulations, we will be with you every step of the way.”

Chief Hodgens added that these promotions reflect the readiness of FDNY members to face greater challenges and maintain safety in New York City: “Each of you works to ensure that the FDNY continues to keep everyone on the fire ground and in New York City safe.”

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