FDNY holds line of duty death plaque dedication ceremony for firefighter William P. Moon II

January 8, 2024
FDNY Bronx New York Fire fighters

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh presided over a plaque dedication ceremony in honor of Firefighter William “Billy” Moon II, a 21-year veteran of the FDNY.

The event took place on January 7, 2024, at Rescue Company 2 in Brooklyn.

The ceremony was also available for live viewing on the Department’s website.

Moon, aged 47, sustained a serious head injury during a training accident at his firehouse on December 12.

His critical condition led to his family’s decision to donate his organs, saving five lives, including two retired FDNY firefighters.

His wife, Kristina, has since become an advocate for organ donation.

Moon is the 1,159th member of the FDNY to make the Supreme Sacrifice.

He lived in Islip and is survived by his wife and their two children, Brianne and Colin​​.

Firefighter Moon’s legacy

The legacy of Firefighter Moon extends beyond his service in the FDNY.

His organ donation, which resulted in saving multiple lives, underscores the impact of such selfless decisions.

Kristina Moon’s advocacy for organ donation following this tragedy highlights the importance and far-reaching effects of this life-saving choice.

Remembering an FDNY hero

The FDNY’s decision to honor Firefighter Moon through a plaque dedication ceremony reflects the Department’s commitment to acknowledging the sacrifices of its members.

The ceremony was not only a tribute to Moon’s service but also a solemn reminder of the dangers firefighters face daily.

Community’s response

The FDNY and the broader community have expressed deep respect and gratitude for Firefighter Moon’s contributions and sacrifices.

His tragic accident and subsequent organ donation have brought to light the critical importance of such selfless acts, resonating deeply within the community.

FSJA comment

The FDNY’s plaque dedication for Firefighter William “Billy” Moon II serves as a reminder of the bravery and selflessness inherent in firefighters’ work.

Moon’s tragic accident and the subsequent decision by his family to donate his organs demonstrate the profound impact that such choices can have, not only on the individuals directly involved but on the wider community as well.

This event highlights the importance of recognizing and honoring our first responders, not just for their daily acts of courage but also for the lasting legacy they leave behind.

Firefighter Moon’s story is a powerful testament to the human spirit and the enduring bonds of community, solidarity, and compassion that hold us together in times of great adversity.

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